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5 Microbreweries You Just Have To Try!

    Microbreweries. Or a brewery, typically producing specialty beers. Over the past weekend I attended the Blue Point Brewery's Annual Cask Festival, and I am pleased to say that from all the beer I have tasted I have a list of five beers you just have to try:

1. Great South Bay Brewery: Blood Orange Pale Ale.This beer is light, crisp, and has a delightful fruit aftertaste. The Great South Bay Brewery states it best on their website when they say, "You'll be pleased with how amazingly the malt, hops, and blood orange meld together to create a sensation". Consider me pleased! I am more of a stout girl myself, and don't like anything too hoppy, but this beer quenches your thirst, and makes you dream of sweet sweet Summer.

Blood Orange Pale Ale: One of the first casks to be tapped.

2 & 3. Spider Bite Beer Company: They offered both the White Bite Wheat Ale and the Black Bite Roasted Wheat. Firstly, White Bite is another wonderfully light and refreshing beer perfect for the warming weather. There is a hint of citrus, that even the person who is not a fan of fruit beer can enjoy. The Black Bite is a heavier beer, with a smooth, mellow, aftertaste of blackberries. Delightful.

4. The Blind Bat Brewery: Sweet Potato Saison. Do you love pumpkin ales? Well, if you do then this is a great alternative for you. The Sweet Potato Saison is a beer you can enjoy in not just the Fall and Winter months, but also Spring. This beer is brewed with organic sweet potatoes, and surprisingly not sweet or sugary, but rather tart, and spicy.  

5. Blue Point Brewery: I may be biased, because this is a brewery close to home but their beer is truly well crafted. My favorites are the Oatmeal Stout, Blueberry Ale, and Cherry Imperial Stout. But the beer most preferred by people is the Toasted Lager.
Here are some other great breweries also worth giving a try:

Oh, and then there is always these guys. They call themselves The Beer Amigos and have a live podcast that you can get on itunes for updates, and credible information on different breweries.
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