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Who doesn't love a good view? We were privy to a gorgeous one on Wednesday night, when we were invited to kick off the summer season with the influencers and taste-makers behind Hamptons Magazine at the opening of Salon De Ning, the rooftop bar at The Peninsula

Not only did I have a fantastic time, but I also learned a lot about hosting the perfect party. Now Samantha Yanks, Editor In Chief of Hamptons Magazine, is no newcomer when it comes to curating the perfect party. And that's why we couldn't help but jot down a to-DO list, for the next time we throw a soiree of our own. 

We wanted to share this list with our readers too, so that whether you're planning the perfect brunch, cocktail hour, the simplest backyard barbecue, or a grand Memorial Day bash you have exactly what you need to make your day memorable!

1. Do match your decor...(sort of): As host you can totally match your decor and theme. Take a tip from Samantha Yanks' style at this event. There was flora everywhere, and while her dress wasn't an exact match (which is good, since we're not three year's old and this isn't an Elsa and Anna themed Frozen party) no matter where she was placed at the party for a picture she was perfectly accented by her decor.

(Samantha Yanks Right)
2. Do have a theme: have a theme, but don't overkill. These flowers were the perfect accent and were placed along the bar, outdoor tables, and even matched this huge flower wall people took pictures in front of. 

3. Do serve your own signature cocktail: Contrary to some peoples' beliefs, not everything tastes good when mixed into a cocktail, but creating one of your own creations is actually not as hard as it seems. I think coming up with a clever name is the most difficult part. It is also a good idea to have the recipe printed out not only so guests know what they are drinking, but also just in case they love it so much they want to recreate it on their own!
The Great Chase
Recipe For "The Great Chase"
1 1/2 parts Chase vodka
1/2 part Elderflower Liquor
A squeeze of lemon
3 parts club soda
garnished with a lemon wedge

4. Do create fun places for people to take photographs: it's all about the IG now-a-days. A great party is measured by its hashtag, and instagram photos. 

5. Do offer plenty of seating options and places for people to mingle comfortably. 

6. Do menu plan carefully- While good food is a must, most people don't eat too much at cocktail hour, but still assume there will be something offered to eat. Nibbles, as I like to call them, are a great call. A few well-curated, easy to eat, and not too messy options that appeal to a wide variety of pallets, when passed around is a super easy option for the host. Can't afford hiring a serving service? Well,think about options you can leave out for people to pass by and pick up whenever they feel free to. 

7. Do set a start and end time-Stragglers will straggle, and it's not like some of us don't have work in the morning, or plans for the next day. It is organized and allows for you to enjoy more and stress less. 

And, finally this should go without saying, please enjoy your own party and all the hard-work it took to put it together. 

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 
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