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The Creation Myth of Dusk & Rubies:

I have always been a jack of all bizarre trades- to my father's dismay. He used to scold all of his children for doing too many extra curricular activities. He would recite constantly, "Doers of All; Masters of None". So, like a good girl, I focused on my education.

With my passion for the written word, expression and creativity I found myself going to college with a full scholarship. While in college I couldn't help but continue to work multiple odd jobs: I nannied, taught tennis lessons to 3-18 year olds, sold my jewelry through Etsy and at craft fairs, was a manager for Pier 1 Imports for three years, and worked at a golf course.

Four years later, I graduated from St. Joseph's college with a NY State certification to teach Secondary Education and English Language Arts, as well as experience in: building furniture, interior decorating, sales, teaching motor skills to toddlers, cooking a steak properly, creating jewelry for bridal parties, and using my driver without shanking the golf ball to the left.

I was lucky to earn a teaching positions right out of college at the age of 21. Three years later I found myself needing another outlet for my creativity, so over a city trip, gabbing with girlfriends, and sipping coffee I decided to create my own company Dusk & Rubies. I had been designing jewelry in my spare time my entire life, finding the creative outlet fun and fulfilling.

So why is Dusk & Rubies a special occasion jewelry design company? Well, Dusk & Rubies is a company that was first inspired by my jewelry designs, and has since enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of so many special memories, and events. I know the importance, and attention to detail that goes into planning your special day...even down to the perfect jewelry.

Dusk & Rubies specializes in creating jewelry for: weddings, bridal parties, family portraits, sweet 16's, communions/ confirmation, non-profits, thank you gifts, and just because. What is so unique, and wonderful about Dusk & Rubies Jewelry is that it is completely handmade, and all one of a kind designs based on your preferences, and input. I can create the piece you are looking for!

Dusk & Rubies is where my dream meets yours!
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