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Sweat is in the name, so know…there is no way around it. 

You. Are. Going. To Sweat. And sweat hard

Last Saturday, if you were in Southampton, then there was no way you didn’t hear the pop and hip hop music pumping into the streets from the center of town, or see the crowds of scantily clad men and women getting their flex on. Okay, maybe not scantily clad, but dressed in there most minimalist workout gear, because dear LORD it was hot! The weather, we are talking about the WEATHER. 

It’s been on our to-do list for a while to try a 305 Fitness class, being that this is our year of wellness, and that any fitness regimen that incorporates dancing sounds like fun. (Plus, Lo Bosworth told us it was one of her favorite fitness classes. You can read that interview: HERE) Who are we to question Lo?

So we tried it, and to be completely honest it was SO HARD in a good way (if you like to be sore for the next couple of days). The squats totally got us. 

Things we liked: The music was great, and it totally kept us going, but you need a water bottle handy. We were outside, under a hot sun, in the regular LI humidity, not in a studio, so we were in need of definite refreshments. 

The steps: Some are easy to pick up and that’s great, because they will keep coming back. Others, a little tougher, but because you’ll get to “perform” them over and over again during the class there is always room to improve!

Overall, the instructor Sadie, and also founder of 305 Fitness, was really amazing. Super high energy, very helpful, and supportive. She helped to create a very positive atmosphere. 

Things we were not prepared for: We thought out of the 13 classes Southampton Sweat offered, 305 Fitness would be one of the easier classes. We were totally wrong. This is because a lot of the other classes had people working out in alternating groups, which allowed for you to catch your breath before continuing onto your next bear crawl or set of pushups. 305 Fitness is non stop. You’ll be squating, high kicking, and “push-uping” the entire session. If you’ve done Plyo and Zumba it’s like a mix between the two, but the dance moves are way better than Zumba. There website explains the workout style as, 


Overall, we would do it again!

Want to try 305 Fitness? Check out the website HERE to find the class closest to you!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies Blog 

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The right florals can add just that extra touch to any room in any home. Here are the 10 lessons we've learned from B Floral, New York's premier floral and event design company.  

Lesson 1: Transform any tablescape with a few well placed succulents. 

Lesson 2: Speaking of succulents display them in varying heights to add depth and texture. 

Lesson 3: Baby gold pineapples will brighten up any room. 

Lesson 4: Sometimes it's more about the way the flower is presented, rather than the actual flower. Fill a square glass votive with pebbles and place one, single floral, then repeat. 

Lesson 5: "Powder blues and creams make a great contrast against a marble tabletop."

Lesson 6: Bathtime like a Queen "Wind down with a mid-week bath soak! Add blooms and floating candles to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation." 

Lesson 7: "Use shells as vases to give your succulent arrangements a unique twist."

Lesson 8: "Surround a tall arrangement with a smaller arrangement to create a grande and vibrant centerpiece."

Lesson 9: "Use a palm leaf as a plate charger to elevate your tropical tablescape."

Lesson 10: "Less is more. Smaller vases can still make a huge impact when paired with full florals and neutral linens."

We can't wait to try some of these tips and tricks in our own home!

Stay Lovely, 


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies Blog 
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