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Get The Look: How to do your Zoey Hart (The Smokey Kitten Eye Tutorial)

Tutorial Inspired by, Zoey Hart: From the CW's Hart Of Dixie

I am a big fan of Rachel Bilson's personal style, as well as her character Zoey Hart's style from the CW's new tv dramedy Hart of Dixie. Zoey Hart is a city slicker: born and raised in Manhattan, and she won't let you forget it!  But under strange circumstances she finds herself re-located to the small town of Bluebell, Alabama. Zoey manages to stand out in the small town looking more city chic than southern belle. (See pictures from various episodes below).

Zoey is known for her: Smokey Kitten Eye & Funky Braided Updo's.
We are going to start with the basics:
(1) How to achieve Zoey's simple smoky kitten eye
To achieve Zoey's look this is what you will need:
  • A pink blush: Zoey's cheeks are always flushed a light, pretty pink. I used Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Wear Blush in Dollface
  • Metallic Eye Shadow: Zoey's eyes are always a mixture of metallics and shimmer shadows. I used Metallic Eyes Palette by Victoria Secret.
  • A Natural lip: Zoey's eyes are her main focus, so she keeps he rest of her face simple. I used Borghese's Natural Lip-gloss Pot in Bella Rose.
  • A liquid eyeliner, and a thick black pencil eyeliner: Zoey's eyes are always lined both her water line, and lash line.
  • Mascara: I used Covergirl Lashblast and Maybelline Falsies Flared.
  • Highlighter: I used Rimmel's  eye shadow in British Linen.
  • Types of brushes: I used a foundation brush (1), blush brush (3), sponge tip applicator (10), and stiff liner/brow brush. If you are confused as to which brushes I am referring to please use the pictures below as a guide.
Before we get to the eyes: Apply your face cream, your concealer, and foundation. Then apply Tarte's blush in dollface to the apples of your cheeks. Finally, apply your highlighter to the following designated areas on your face: below your eyebrow, in the inner and outer corner of your eyes, down the center of your nose, on the top of your cheek bones, and at the bow of your upper lip, and underneath the middle part of your bottom lip. If you are unsure where to highlight look at the picture below. (The spaces that are circles, or white is where you would apply your highlighter)

Now it is time for the 4 easy steps to achieve the smoky kitten eye:

Model: Alyssa Lynne

Victoria Secret: Metallic Eye Palette

Step 1: With a sponge tip applicator sweep the gold colored eye shadow (the top shadow in the right column) over the entire eye lid, up to your highlighted brow. (See number one in top photo)

Step 2: With a sponge tip applicator sweep the lighter bronze color (the middle shadow in the right column) from the outer corner of your eye to the middle of your eye lid, and into the crease of your eye. (See number two in the top photo)

Step 3: With the tip of the sponge tip applicator use the darkest brown shadow (the last shadow in the right column) To create what is considered a smoky eye, sweep the shadow into the outer corner of your eye, and into the crease again, flaring it out and making it more dramatic. (See number three in the top photo)

Step 4: With your liquid liner, line the top of your eye starting in the middle of your eyelid and extending outward passed the corner of your eye. This is the kitten eye so you don't want the eyeliner to be too thick, or too long, it should not go out further then the end of your eyebrow. (Tip: If your hand is not to steady with liquid liner do not worry you will be going over it with a regular black eyeliner pencil) Next ,go over the liquid liner with the black eyeliner pencil. Lastly, use a stiff eyeliner brush and dip it into the black shimmer eye shadow, trace over the line you have made smudging it along the way and blurring it so that the line is not so clean. Sweep a little under your water line. This should not be a perfected line but more of a smoldered charcoal line. (See number four in the top photo)

Once again [disclaimer] you will see before and after pictures: Me with NO makeup!!! Ahhhh!!!

Model: Alyssa Lynne

Stay tuned for both Zoey Hart Inspired Fun & Funky Braided Hairdos, and The Get The Look: Dress like Zoey Hart blogposts!

Like always, stay lovely
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies

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