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[Photo courtesy of Bonobos Summer 2014 Look Book]

Just in time to kick off the Hampton season Bonobos, a men's apparel brand focused on better-fitting clothes and a better shopping experience, contacted Dusk & Rubies to help launch their new collection of Garment Dyed Chinos for the Summer 2014 season! Now I've been thinking for quite some time about giving our guy readers a bit more love over here at D&R. At least 40% of our readers are male! So when this opportunity presented itself, I was game.

For more looks and what we have to say about the collection (oh and special savings for all our Dusk & Rubies readers) keep on reading!
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This look is super simple and perfect for your next date night. 

I know that I'm super busy most of the week, so on my days off I love to sit at home in the most comfortable clothing, go jogging in my most comfortable clothing, hit the grocery store in my most comfortable clothing, hang out with my girlfriends in my most comfortable you see a pattern here? I also love to do this all sans make-up. This doesn't mean I don't love fashion and getting dressed up and wearing nice clothes, because I do. I just also know it takes effort- and on a Sunday I'm just not into giving anything effort. So for all you busy girls, who love to take a Sunday off...or two, for all you busy girls who we can find in the grocery store wearing slippers (guilty) this easy make-up look is for you!
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I don't know why I am surprised each time I find a new fav take-away or restaurant in NYC, but I am--every time!. There are so many tasty and trendy foodie finds in MP (meat packing) where my office presently is. Last Friday I met up with my friend Danielle who told me all of her favorite places to eat that are in the area (her husband works above Chelsea Market) making her a foodie expert and the perfect lunch companion! Tucked away in the back of Chelsea Market is the Tuck Shop an Australian meat pie shop. So what is a vegan doing at a meat pie shop? Read on to find out!

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