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5 Strange, Yet Completely Entertaining Movies...To Watch On Netflix

I'm a huge fan of the movies. I think a movie, similar to a good book can serve as a great escape from life, the perfect activity for a rainy day, or a way to relax before bed. That's just some of the reasons why I indulge myself with movies. After seeing the constant commercials, and the great deal of just $7.99 a month it just felt natural to sign up for Netflix.

I have had Netflix for about a year now, and while it is not always up to date with the newest releases it does provide me with movies I would never have found on my own. I am really open to all different types of movies, because although I prefer movies like Casino Royal over the newest romantic comedy, and have watched classics like The Sound of Music more times than the Notebook (I own the collectors box set of The Sound of Music, and do not own the Notebook- although The Notebook, and Nights at Rodanthe are the only Nicholas Sparks movies I truly like). I am a big fan of anything from the Turner Classic Movie Collection, anything that is Film Noir, Tarantino, or featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt (huge crush alert).

Pause to gawk at his perfection:

Okay I am back... are the 5 surprisingly intriguing, bizarre, and completely entertaining movies I found on Netflix. In no specific order:

1. The Pill: Genre- Drama, Romantic Comedy. About- Those of you, like my boyfriend, that take a lot of stock in what Rotten Tomatoes Critics say this movie earned a 70% by critics on the tomatometer. I don't want to give too much away, but this movie would be great to see with the girlfriends just add wine and you have the perfect night in! This movie is unrated.

2. Hick: Genre- Drama, About- Big names like Chloe Grace Mortez (Remember her as the kid sister wise beyond her years in 360 Days of Summer?), and Blake lively bring this completely bizarre story to life. It truly is one of those films that is completely off the beaten track. I thought it was great because it was thought-provoking. This movie did not fare well on Rotten Tomatoes with a 5%, but I think it is because it is not for mainstream audiences. So, if you're feeling brave and dare to tread in movie waters unknown cue it up! This movie is Rated R.

3. Butter: Genre- Drama, Comedy About- With a 35% rating on Rotten Tomatoes this movie also delves into a strange world, one about carving butter-which may seem as ridiculous as it sounds. I watched this with the boyfriend, and it kept us completely entertained one laid back Saturday night. This movie does place its audience into awkward situations so be wary of who you choose to view it with. Rated R for sexual content, and language.

4. The Witness: Genre- Drama, Mystery & Suspense. About- Don't let the fact that the movie came out in 1985 stop you. This movie earned a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, and if you don't already love Harrison Ford you will have to admire him after this movie. This movie is great to watch with your family, friends, or the significant other. It is a true crowd pleaser. It is rated R for strong language, and scenes of violence. 

5. All Good Things Genre- Mystery & Suspense About- This movie earned a 35% rating on rotten tomatoes, but is truly a fascinating story. It is based on the true life events surrounding a missing persons case that is still, to this day, the eyes of the law. Those who watch the movie may have a different perspective. Ryan Gosling gives an incredibly believable performance. This movie is rated R.

Happy Viewing!

Stay Lovely,


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