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"Why is it so hard for women to get to the gym?" -Anonymous Guy Friend Asks

     This is something guys do NOT understand about women. How many of you have heard your girlfriends, sisters, cousins, mothers, women in your life say:

1.) " I am just not ready to go to the gym yet. I want to lose five pounds first."

2.) "I feel like every time I go to the gym my thighs grow bigger. I am trying to slim down not bulk up."

3.) "I just am so tired at the end of the work day. If I had more time, then I would go."

    Truth, I have at various points in my life said all of these things, and more! And, I know I am not the only one, so as I was getting ready this morning for the gym I thought about how I could inspire other women, who are body conscious to also go to the gym today, and be successful in their efforts to exercise.

    The first problem women face when going to the gym is what to wear. Men, don't have this problem. They throw on one of their multiple beer logo, or phish concert tee-shirts, snatch up a pair of basketball shorts (which they wear on the daily anyway), and they're out the door. Women on the other hand like to look somewhat put together. I am not saying we all wear matching suits, but we do wear complimenting colors. We also want to wear something that is comfortable for working out. We don't want to wear underwear that gives a wedgie, leaves panty lines, or causes us to sweat. We don't want bras that dig into our skin, or yoga pants that show off our muffin tops. What I am saying is, if you're attending the gym because you are feeling a bit more voluptuous than usual, you also want an outfit that conceals the problems you are trying to rectify.

     Well ladies Dusk & Rubies has solved our first problem with a what to wear to the gym tutorial below:

     These 5 items I can NOT do without when at the gym if I want to have the most productive workout. Check them out, visit their websites, and know they I have personally used all of these items and think they are worth the purchase!

 Calvin Klein: Moisture Wicking Yoga Pants 
Victoria's Secret: Pink yoga extra low rise hipsters!
These panties pack a punch with their comfy 14% spandex, and claim to leave no panty line.
Check out the new Sport Collection by Victoria's Secret by clicking the link above. 
Asics: Running Shoes GT-300 series
Asics has shoe support down to a science. If you're a cardio go-er, then you must protect your joints and invest in a pair. Visit their website and find the perfect fit for you!
EOS: Lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet 
EOS stands for the evolution of smooth check out their website for other deliscious varieties.
Hoodie: Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Hoodie by RBX
Special feature: thumb holes which are clever for outdoor running in this cold February weather!
Enjoy, and like always stay lovely...
...even if you're getting your sweat on.
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     Sometimes our best, and worst ideas muddle their way into our brain at the stroke of midnight. It is definitely tricky when trying to decipher which one of the two our inspiration is stemming from. But, last night I'd like to stay that the creativity fairy sprinkled her magic dust, and I created something inspired. With all this extra snow around my brain has definitely be in tune to anything remotely sunny. Maybe that is why I still have Katy Perry's Grammy couture, and my new favorite show The Carrie Diaries on my brain...The 80's and "California Girls" radiate sunshine. See a sneak peek of Dusk & Rubies new summer line jewelry

My advice: If your unsure where your inspiration will lead you, that is the best kind.
So, get inspired!

Stay Lovely,
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Sweet & Spice, and a little Edge!

Don't know what to wear this Valentine's Day? Wondering
how not to seem too vulnerable, but still like you're wearing
your heart on your sleeve? Then, Dusk&Rubies has found
the perfect outfit for you. First start with a LBD that flatters
every frame, layer on some girly jewlery, and balance this
look with some rough & tough boots, and a lethal clutch.
You'll have your date smackin his lips at your masterful
balance of sweet and spice. Mmmmm.

Low heel boots

Color block handbag

Jennifer Zeuner bangle jewelry

Peach jewelry

Friis Company plastic jewelry
$27 -

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Let's play the word association game.
When I say flowers, you say?
Surprisingly, I have always associated negative thoughts with receiving flowers.
This probably stemmed from being gifted flowers by boys I didn't like in Middle School. 
I felt forced to accept them, and then felt guilty about not having reciprocating feelings.
(There were only a few boys, a few flowers, and a lots of braces...far from romantic or anything glamorous.)
Maybe it is also because I am not a fan of the smell. I find flowery perfumes irritating, and
reminiscient of funeral homes.
Or, maybe it was because I always felt awkward when recieving a bouquet.
What do you say? Does Thanks suffice?
What is an appropriate emotional response? Do you get all giddy, or simply smile?
How do you hug or kiss a person with a huge arrangement occupying your hands, or blocking the other person's face?
But then,
Today happened.
Today, I recieved a beautiful arrangement of flowers at work.
I had never had flowers delivered to my place of employment,
and I had no idea who they were from.
There was something exciting about it.
How many times a week, a month, a year, do we get to feel excitement?
And as I opened the small card, patiently, I could not stop smiling.
"Thank you for all of your hard work"
Absolutely Lovely.
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Hello Lovelies
As you have read under the new tab on my blog titled "The Health Issue" I will be posting on a new topic. Along with fashion, accessories, travel, and what inspires me day to day I will now be devoting some time to our Health!
It is a New Year and the common idiom used by weight loss companies, in weight loss issues of magazines, and even as a topic on Dr. Oz's self titled television show is that a New Year means it is time for "a new you". Well isn't that just sweet in the non-caloric sense of the word.

Stay tuned to discover how we don't need to get rid of our old selves completely. We just need to rid ourselves of some of our bad habits, and work on what wonderful beauty we already hold.
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     Marshalls is my go to place when I have the time to shop, sift, and explore. I love finding that new brand I have never heard of before, or when I find a brand that is currently hot right now for less. This week my Marshalls haul did not disappoint!
I scored the dress above for $59.99.
Through some Internet researchin' I found that this dress was originally $174.00.
I didn't know enough about the brand except that it is made in the USA, so I continued my search to learn a little bit more about the designers who made this gorgeous, chic, and comfy chiffon dress.
Charlie Jade states, "[that] the Charlie Jade girl has a creative soul... a sense of playfulness, fantasy, and surprise". Proving that the brand is for girls and women alike with a flirty side who love to experience, and explore. If this sounds like a perfect description of your wardrobe, and your personality check out their collections on their brand's website below. You'll fall in love with Charlie Jade's designs, fabrics, and vision just like I did!
Charlie Jade Brand has showrooms in the following locations: NY, LA, Dallas, Atlanta, and Europe.
Visit the site below:

Stay Lovely,

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      Semisonic had it right when they phrased the lyrics, "with every new beginning, comes from some other beginning's end". Meaning that change is inevitable, and practically the only thing that is constant in our lives- talk about irony. Those of you who are quaking, in your suede Ralph Lauren riding boots, just hearing the word "change" we have something in common (and I am not just talking about our fabulous sense in fashionable footwear). I hate change, yet here I am, on the cusp of it. I am excited, and terrified all at the same time. As you can see my blog Dusk & Rubies is also going through a change, and is about to go through a lot more. This blog set out to be one thing, but as I am changing so must Dusk & Rubies. I hope you're excited about this new adventure, and although I can't predict where these twists and turns will take us I know we will land somewhere fabulous.

Until Next Time, Stay Lovely.

Curator, Designer, and Editor 
of Dusk&Rubies

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