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We caught up with Jeremy Penn at The Montauk Beach House for the reception to Jeremy Penn's latest collection Le Seduction de Glamour. The collection features special portraits of New York's famed fashion icons such as Anna WintourGigi Hadid and new pieces from his iconic #hotlips collection starring Brigitte Bardot. Jeremy not only has a brilliant artistic hand, but also a brilliant artistic mind.

To read what he has to say about the Pop Art genre, his own work, and what he really wants you to know about him and his work read on as we delved into the 'nitty gritty' with this interview, and Jeremy held nothing back!

Jeremy Penn

You know the old adage, "the eyes are the window to the soul", is this reflected in your art? Otherwise, why draw emphasis to the eyes in your work?

Jeremy: It is very much reflected in my portrait work. I am fascinated with something called “The Gaze.” The gaze, as it relates to art, is that moment when you lock eyes with the subject. In this moment, many things happen in the mind that continue to confuse scientists, art experts, and even psychologists. For a moment, there is a power struggle that can leave you feeling vulnerable and slightly violated. Yet, the feeling is addicting. People love to come back and lock eyes with the subject.

What are you hoping those experiencing your art can see?

I adore the idea of engaging the viewer because I believe so much can be learned about oneself when you really explore why a painting is making you feel a certain way.Just look at Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Manet’s Olympia. Their eyes appear to follow you, penetrating your soul, knowing all your deepest secrets.

Your work has been compared to the likes of Andy Warhol. Would you consider your work Pop Art? And, if so does it conform to the same school of thought?

Jeremy: I hear the Warhol thing a lot. Andy was unique and anyone who tries to emulate what he did is labeling themselves as someone who isn’t.  Andy was a genius in his ability to see the direction we were headed towards as a society. Apart from the genius part, I would say that the biggest comparison to Warhol and myself is our shared interest in understanding the psychological elements in popular culture and where we are evolving to.

That being said, are you ever afraid that Pop Art will become redundant, or is Pop Art always going to be a reflection of the times and constantly morphing?

Jeremy: For Pop Art to be real Pop Art, it needs to constantly change yet represent a moment in time. The problem I see is that pop art has become associated with a certain aesthetic opposed to a topical narrative. Pop art should be less about the style and more about the narrative.

Why the emphasis on celebrities and the realm of celebrity culture? What fascinates you about this medium? This subject? 

Jeremy: Our culture has become celebrity obsessed. I think it has something to do with the accessibility to fame. With the popularity of social media and reality television, almost anyone can taste the forbidden fruit of fame. The cultural movement is what fascinates me. My painting subjects usually aren't modern days celebrities, unless I am commissioned by the celebrity themselves.

The celebrities I paint represent a moment in time that inspires me. For example, I have been painting Brigitte Bardot for years because she represents a moment in time where women in Europe were emerging in movies with this sexual power while at the same time, in America, women were fitting into this conservative role. After WW2, soldiers were coming home and taking back the jobs that women occupied while the men fought abroad resulting in a very conservative 1950’s. The constant narrative in my work is the power of women and its psychological threat to the male ego. I believe the influence of women like Bardot, helped inspire women to discover their own power and exploit the fragility of men.

Anna Wintour
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How do you make sure your vision, your art is seen and noticed in a world so saturated by celebrity and celebrity culture? 

Jeremy: This one is tricky and there isn’t really a specific formula for exposure. Social media is an extremely valuable tool and has opened doors for artists to gain exposure on a global scale. I always tell artists to get the work out of the studio and get it out in any way possible. One thing that has helped me are a few of my celebrity collectors posting my paintings on their social media accounts.

Jeremy Penn

What are you hoping those experiencing your art feel, see, understand about your work? What do you want people to do with your art?

Jeremy: I believe art to be the most powerful tool in understanding more about yourself. I want to engage the viewer with my work, but most of all, I want them to have their own journey. The way art makes you feel can say some much about who you are.

Jeremy Penn

What do you want people to associate with your name as an artist? 

Jeremy: I am a romantic. If anything, I want people to understand the romance, passion, & hint of mania in my art.

For more on Jeremy Penn visit his website: HERE 

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Date night. 

Whether you're single, or have been with the same guy forever sometimes date night grows a bit stale. We get it. When you've been with the same guy forever, there becomes less and less firsts. And, even if your single and ready to mingle there is only so many times you can meet up for drinks, or dinner plans. 

When your date night feels more like Groundhog's Day despite the new guy sitting across from you, or every date blurs into the next, then we know we truly have a problem. Well, here at Dusk & Rubies we like to provide solutions. 

So, here is our list of 5 unconventional, outlandish and honestly speaking, bizarre, date ideas that promise to at least shake things up and help you and your special someone create some memorable moments.

Sometimes you have to just do it for the story.

1. Petanque in the Park

So you're not the best petanque player (similar to bocce), that's okay! Bryant Park offers a multitude of free games other than petanque. So head on over to Bryant Park for a date I like to call "Best Out Of 3". I don't know what it is about the idea of facing off a quasi-stranger over a game of Connect Four, but just thinking about it gets my heart pulsing. Challenge your date to a best of three match-up. Bonding over competitive sports, and playing games is one of the easiest and enjoyable date plans you could make. Plus you could always raise the stakes and let the winner choose their prize. 

Come winter time, Bryant Park's Winter Village is set up, which offers ice skating, heated shopping, dining on the rink, or sitting by the firepit at Southwest Porch

Byrant Park currently offers: Kubbs, putting, backgammon, chess, and the game cart. See more: HERE

For more information on Bryant Park's Winter Village click: HERE

2. Blowtorch Some Marshmallows

There's nothing that says 'I trust you' more than allowing someone to not only hold a blowtorch close to you, but to more importantly choose the correct flavored marshmallow for your s'mores treat. 

To see what else the Todd English Food Hall has to offer visit: HERE

3. Stop & Smell The Roses

Sometimes we learn more about people through unconventional methods. This next date idea is more just a stop on the way to something else that can turn into twenty minutes of real talk (well real scent) if you'll let it. For this next date idea you're going to have to have a nothing to lose mentality. Ready? Step inside Frederic Malle in either of his two locations and get lost in a world created by some of the most talented Noses. Now, you may think this could get too irritating too fast, but this is not the case with Frederic Malle. At Frederic Malle they have what is called a perfume smelling booth where the fragrance is sprayed into. Someone on hand will first let it sit for a few seconds, then let you smell the scent untainted within the smelling booth. What is really intriguing about scent is that all scents can evoke a memory. Take your someone to the smelling booth and be transported to different memories that you can share. Also, finding out what he or she likes scent-wise can be a smart move.

For more information visit: HERE

4. But First, Coffee.
Sometimes investing all that time and energy it takes to get ready for a dinner date is not appealing, and all we want to do is something casual and easy. Sometimes we want to make sure the date we put our nighttime plans on hold for is actually worth it, and sometimes we don't want to even take the chance on missing a good night with our homies (we can't help the fact that we just re-watched Clueless for the umpteenth time). So, what can we do to not seem like a total flake? We plan a day-date. One of our favorite day date ideas is going coffee tasting around 2 PM, when we start to hit that afternoon wall. Stop by Stumptown Coffee Roasters who amazingly enough host a coffee tasting everyday at 2 PM. See coffee fairies are real. Then, after choosing your perfect Cup of Joe, hang out at the espresso bar, chat and relax. 

5.  See How The Other Half...Lived

If you're a bit of a history nerd, love New York, or just have an affinity for anything vintage, then a great date for you would be to visit Gracie Mansion. A house (err mansion) built in 1977, by a wealthy merchant named Archibald Gracie. I know what a lot of you are thinking, and no, there is no relation to the fictional character Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl, even though we secretly wish there were. This historical landmark just reopened and public tours will resume after November 10th. To request an available date and time for your tour click: HERE

The limit is two tickets per person, which is perfect if you want to make this just a one on one or a double date. 

 Gracie Mansion Photo Credit: Jin Lee

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We change, we grow, and we evolve. 

I've been evolving and growing a lot in the past year, so it only made sense for Dusk & Rubies to also evolve and grow with me. We have an entire new look to our blog, as well as entire new collection to boot! I'm truly excited to continue 

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French Cuisine: Le Soir


Where: 825 Montauk Highway Bayport, New York 11705

About: With a 27 Zagat rating Le Soir is one of the best and genuine French cuisine on the island.

Suggestions: We love the Warm Goat Cheese Salad with Sun-dried Tomato and Roast Duck with Orange Sauce.

To view the menu and make reservations visit: HERE

[Photo viaviavia]

Tapas: noah's

Where: 136 Front Street, in the historic maritime village of Greenport, across the street from the Post Office and steps from Mitchell Park Marina.

About: noah's is a tapas style restaurant and features the chef, Noah Schwartz's, trademark small plates. Using local and fresh ingredients, noah's also boasts a raw bar with several varieties of fresh oysters shucked to order!

Suggestions: Spring asparagus soup with lemon oil, chives and shaved parmesan, Grilled local monk fish andouille sausage, fingerling potatoes, little neck clams, organic tomato broth and Flourless chocolate cake fresh whipped cream, dulce de leche.

To make a reservation and peruse their menu visit: HERE

[photo via]

Italian: Pasta Pasta

[Photo via Pasta Pasta facebook]
Where: 234 East Main Street, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

About: Pasta Pasta has been a staple in Italian cuisine for over 20 years and is still considered one of the North Shore's premier Italian restaurants.

Suggestions: Rigatoni with meat sauce, sweet peas and topped with a dollop of ricotta cheese and fresh basil.

To see the full menu or make a reservation visit: HERE

Vegetarian Options: Wild Honey On Main 

[Photo via Wild Honey facebook]
Where: 172 Main Street Port Washington, NY 11050

About: Wild honey sweetens eating out as a vegetarian, with multiple options for the health conscious as well as savory dishes Wild Honey is like a teaspoon of sugar.

Suggestions: The Roasted Beet & Brussels Napoleon is made with roasted beets, brussel sprouts, fresh goat cheese, candied walnuts and truffle honey and the Cracklin Pork Shank.

To see the full menu or make a reservation visit: Here

New American: Chachama Grill

Where: 655-8 Montauk Hwy, East Patchogue, New York 11772

About: Hidden away in an unlikelyshopping center doesn't stop this restaurant from serving up 5 star quality food. Each plate is better than the next!

Suggestions: Smoked bacon green pea ravioli, salmon cauliflower puree and basil pesto and tiramisu.

To make a reservation visit: HERE

[photo via]

Do you have a favorite restaurant that didn't make our list? Tell us in the comments below!
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