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Happy New Year Lovelies!

I've been waiting to talk about the new year with you all. I just wanted the first week to sink in, plus I've been sick as a dog. Last year I made a few NYR (new year's resolutions) and worked diligently to see them come into fruition. 

Wait. What?

'worked diligently to see them come into fruition'


You mean NYRS don't work like wishes? Yeah, I know, I used to think of them the same way.

But no, unfortunately not.

But, NYR can completely come true, like wishes. When I reflected back on the ones I set for last year, which are ongoing, I realized that because I made them important enough to dedicate time to everyday I was able to reach them. 

I want to leave you with something one of my favorite yoga instructors said during my New Year's Day class that really seemed to stick, 

"We often equate a New Year with the idea of a 'new you'. But, think of it more as you are becoming less of who you were never supposed to be. You were never supposed to be anxious, nervous, or a tense person. You were never supposed to be this stressed out person. You were never supposed to be this angry person."

I love this! Because, instead of focusing on remodeling yourself to be this "better" version of yourself, (we think thinner, healthier, fit into a certain pant size, maybe fixing some insecurity you may have, some hang-up, dating more, whatever) you're already this "better" version, and you're just leaving behind the things that no longer serve you--the things that just get in your way. 

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies Bog  

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