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Interview With: Lo Bosworth At The Cycle 4 Survival Event

photo @lobosworth
It was at the amazing Cycle 4 Survival event hosted at Equinox Fitness this past Sunday, that we had the pleasure to sit down and talk with the lovely creature that is Lo Bosworth. As Lo tucked into her quiche dressed in her workout gear post cycling she enlightened us as to what inspired her to join the battle against rare cancer, her favorite way to stay fit, and what she does for fun.
What has inspired your ride today and why did you decide to join the Cycle 4 Survival event?

Well I was really excited when they invited me! I have been spinning for seven years, so I was thrilled to do something I really like for a great cause. Also my friend Ashley, who is here with me today, her Aunt was treated and cured of her cancer at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. So it’s a very fun, special day for us to be here today and give back to a great cause.When they told me that the event raised over nineteen-and-a-half million dollars I was blown away! I was like for real? That is incredible! I was really impressed. It was so fun too. Were you there for the end!?
Lo was excitingly referring to the amazing dance party that ensued towards the end of the ride. I, unashamed and never embarrassed, was dancing like a crazy person and flinging my orange pom-pom’s along with a bunch of other cheerleaders as we supported all of the riders.
I stayed for a second hour! We first did the 10 o’clock ride, and I wanted more exercise in my day so we stayed for the 11 o’clock hour and I’m so glad we stayed! The end was so fun with the dance party and the instructors were great. Everybody was so high-energy.
So you said you have been cycling for 7 years, is it your favorite form of exercise and how you stay so fit?
I definitely love to cycle. I also do Vinyasa yoga.
She reveals she can do the Chaturanga. Look it up it is so hard!
But Lo’s reveals her new favorite exercise to us in a giddy little girl manner that has spiked our interest completely.
My new favorite thing is this insane cardio dance class at 305 Fitness! Have you been there?
I tell her unfortunately no, but her enthusiasm alone has me wanting to try, like now.
It is amazing. You have to go. There is a live dj, and so we like twerk and just go crazy the whole time. You have to go. It is really popular and it’s great exercise.
Are you down to ride again next year?
This year was my first year riding and I want to do it every year now! It really was so fun. We had such a great time. It was so funny I took so much video on my phone of the dancing and everybody biking.
If you could raise awareness more, or tell more people about the Cycle 4 Survival event how would you do it, and what would you say?
I am going to take it to my social media accounts once we leave the gym and blow it up. And next year we will probably put a team together. I didn’t really realize you could create a team this year, because I have so many friends who spin and cancer has touched so many people in my life and I think it’s a great opportunity to really raise awareness and give back. This is one of the best events I have ever been to.
When you say one of the best events, do you mean organizational wise, spiritually wise?
Everything. I am a huge fan of Cycle 4 Survival. I just wasn’t intimate with it before, but now it’s something I want to every year. As long as I am invited back next year!
Which of course she is! She is too bubbly and positive to not have around. We told Lo we would be on her team if she needed a few extra cyclers and she welcomed the support!
If you are looking for more information on Cycle 4 Survival or how to get along visit them on the web HERE:
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