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The Health Issue: Day #10 of The 10 Day D&R Fitness Challenge

Are you an innie or an outie? And I'm not talking belly buttons. What I'm really asking is do you prefer working out inside, or outside? This is something, that through your time spent completing the 10 Day D&R Fitness Challenge you should have picked up on. Did you like the controlled environment of the treadmill? Or, did you prefer playing tennis outdoors? It is something to reflect on, because working out in a space you prefer will make your workout more enjoyable. And, if your workout is more enjoyable, then you'll be more likely to do it!

Day #10 is the perfect day to test you theories. Today, those of you who prefer outdoors will get in an hour bike ride, while those of you who love a climate controlled room will take an hour spinning class. Both riding your bike and spinning are great forms of exercise when you execute them properly.

Tips for getting the most out of your work out today
 (bike riders):

Know of a hilly area nearby? Biking in an area that changes in elevation will help with conditioning and strengthening muscles.

Sing while you bike. Or, for an extra cardio boost sing along to your favorite playlist. (if you're able to sing every word, and hold out every note you are either a.) not pedaling fast enough or, b.) the resistance on your bike is not high enough. This would mean you need to switch your gear up to a higher number.) 

Tips for getting the most out of your work out today (spinning):

First time cyclers: make sure the seat of your bike is level with your hip while you're standing next to your bike, before you hop on. Make sure, when your feet are in the peddles, that you are NOT able to fully extend your leg straight down. This can cause an injury. If you can fully extend your leg, then your seat is too high. Lower the seat to fix this issue. Your handle bar placement is also important. For those with back issues do NOT have your handle bars too low, or too far away from you.

Alumni Cyclers:  Your instructor should know how to get your blood pumping, but just in case you feel you're not getting the cardio you need, or your RPM is dragging add jumps. 
Jumps are performed by moving in and out of the saddle in a smooth, controlled movement. Jumps help you strengthen certain muscles, and also further develop your timing, and balance. You are employing your muscles to shift from the seat to the standing position and back.

My tip for jumping: Start with 8 full cycles in the standing "third" position, then 8 in the sitting "first" position. Then 4 up, 4 down, repeat 3x. Then 2 up, 2 down, repeat 4x. If you're still not feeling the burn continue with variations of the 4 up/4 down and 2 up 2 down jumps.

All Cyclers: Don't be afraid of adding resistance. 

I know the D&R Fitness Challenge was only supposed to last 10 Days, and that it is a great way to jump start your fitness adventure, but I want to leave you with this thought: If you want to live healthfully, and if you want to live a long life, then try to condition your body to work out more consistently. I know we all go through our ups and downs when it comes to fitness- we can be really into it and go every day for a week, and then we could repel it, because we have no energy, we're drained, and so on. But, all it takes is a 30 minute workout 2-3 times a week, every week, to make a difference in our health, in our energy levels, and in our moods! So keep it up lovelies!

Keep Going, and Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies

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