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Coloring Outside The Lines Of Beauty With Farah Zulaikha

Farah Zulaikha Private Shopping Event W/ Cynthia Rowley

So often we, especially women, are bombarded with definitions of beauty. We are constantly told who we should look like by magazines, television, and the web. Even science has decided to join this discussion on beauty by dedicating itself to figuring out the exact formula behind sex appeal. With both media and science constantly chattering in my ear trying to tell me what makes someone aesthetically pleasing, meeting Farah Zulaikha was like hitting the reset button- she was exactly what I needed to help me better figure out my own beauty, and what it truly means to be beautiful.

Walking the wintry streets of the Upper East Side, before hailing a cab to CuRious Candy (Cynthia Rowley's flagship building), I kept myself warm with my own excitement- and nerves. I was about to meet the inspiring Farah or, as her admiring followers know her as, Fafa. After my picture was snapped in front of the artful yet playful walkway, I headed into Cynthia's boutique where I was instantaneously made comfortable. Cynthia's people are like the fairy god-mothers of a good time. Within seconds I was gracefully removed from my coat, and my well-manicured fingers were occupied by the stem of a champagne flute. Even more remarkable, was when Farah glided over matching my excitement perfectly by greeting me like a longtime girlfriend.

Farah Zulaikha Private Shopping Event W/ Cynthia Rowley

"You must be Danielle! My publicist told me so much about you! We both love your blog, and she said you were the sweetest thing. I am so happy you're here!"

I was floored to say the least, and extremely humbled by how personable Farah was. She took my hand and pulled me through a crowd of her guests, and we talked about her cause, her dreams, and why she pursued her path in a special interview.

On Being A Fashion Ambassador...
I've always been a girls' girl. When I was younger I would look at magazines and think 'how come no one looks like me?'. I want girls to know that beauty isn't defined by just being one thing. You don't have to just have blond hair and blue eyes to be considered beautiful.

On Her Inspiration And The Launch of Her New Website...
Girls would always e-mail me asking me how I got my hair to be so shiny, or what I do for my skin, and I would tell them 'oh, my mom mixes these home-made remedies in our kitchen and we use it on our hair'. I would make some- I have a background in biochemistry- and send out samples. My followers were like Fafa is this really you e-mailing me?  I would think of course it's really me!

Farah holds up the tinted lip balm in the shade Pink Champagne that everyone invited to the event went home with, and she is all smiles. I told her that I had recently met Maureen Kelly the founder of Tarte cosmetics, whose cosmetics I happened to be wearing, and is also known for her natural cosmetic line.

On  Creating Natural Cosmetics...
Yes, I know Tarte! My lip tint, like Tarte cosmetics, is completely natural and I am really excited about it. From constantly using home remedies, it just felt natural to start to create an all-natural cosmetics. I am really excited about the lip tint because it was a shade designed to look great on every girl, and every skin tone.

As the night continued, Farah personally greeted each guest as they arrived, and we continued our conversation throughout the evening. One of the personality traits that Farah possesses, which I firmly believe is what draws people to her, is her compassion. At one point in the evening I had expressed that it was her philanthropy that I found so profound and beautiful. She replied by grabbing my hand and with a genuine seriousness stated, Yes, I strongly believe that charity is spreading love and beauty. 

Farah is involved in so much, and is bettering the world in so many different ways. I love that Farah is well known not only for her ads and editorials as a model, but also as the face behind her humanitarian efforts. See some of her outstanding photographs below.

By the end of the night, I felt as if I had known Farah for years. Every guest was touched by her enthusiasm, and her ability to put into action the good she wants to see it the world. Beauty grows and spreads like wild fire through women like Farah, and that is the kind of beauty I wish we saw more of. She is humble, philanthropic, kind, intelligent, and friendly. It is because of all of this that Farah radiates beauty, a beauty that is not just visible to the naked eye, or measured by science, but a beauty that can be felt.

I cannot wait to see what Fafa has in store for her #fafanistas!

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Written by: Danielle A. Rufrano
NYS Teacher Certification in English Language Arts
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BA in English, 2010

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