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Makeup Mondays: Date Night Look (Easy Looks For The Busy Girl)

This look is super simple and perfect for your next date night. 

I know that I'm super busy most of the week, so on my days off I love to sit at home in the most comfortable clothing, go jogging in my most comfortable clothing, hit the grocery store in my most comfortable clothing, hang out with my girlfriends in my most comfortable you see a pattern here? I also love to do this all sans make-up. This doesn't mean I don't love fashion and getting dressed up and wearing nice clothes, because I do. I just also know it takes effort- and on a Sunday I'm just not into giving anything effort. So for all you busy girls, who love to take a Sunday off...or two, for all you busy girls who we can find in the grocery store wearing slippers (guilty) this easy make-up look is for you!

Step 1: Use a foundation brush to put on your liquid foundation. Then, set it using a mineral setting powder. 

This is an important step because unless you want that plastic look, setting your foundation with mineral powder will help your look look more natural and stay put. 

Step 2: Using an angle brush sweep bronzer below your cheekbones, along your jaw line, on the sides of your nose, and at your temples to create contouring. 

Step 3: Use a matte finish shadow in a color suited to your eye color and sweep it over your lid all the way up to your brow bone.

Step 4: Use a matte finish shadow in a darker color and press it into your crease and outer corner of your lid. Make sure to blend. 

Step 5: Using a gel or liquid liner line your top rim and the outer part of your bottom rim. Follow the natural angle of your lower lid up to create the perfect mini-cat-eye.

Step 6: Add blush to your cheeks and blend into bronzer. 

Step 7: Highlight your brow bone with a white shadow and add pink lip tint.

Finished Look!

And if you need a video tutorial check out Jenna Marbles's Video:

I hope you loved this make-up tutorial. We will be uploading more in the weeks to come!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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