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Date night. 

Whether you're single, or have been with the same guy forever sometimes date night grows a bit stale. We get it. When you've been with the same guy forever, there becomes less and less firsts. And, even if your single and ready to mingle there is only so many times you can meet up for drinks, or dinner plans. 

When your date night feels more like Groundhog's Day despite the new guy sitting across from you, or every date blurs into the next, then we know we truly have a problem. Well, here at Dusk & Rubies we like to provide solutions. 

So, here is our list of 5 unconventional, outlandish and honestly speaking, bizarre, date ideas that promise to at least shake things up and help you and your special someone create some memorable moments.

Sometimes you have to just do it for the story.

1. Petanque in the Park

So you're not the best petanque player (similar to bocce), that's okay! Bryant Park offers a multitude of free games other than petanque. So head on over to Bryant Park for a date I like to call "Best Out Of 3". I don't know what it is about the idea of facing off a quasi-stranger over a game of Connect Four, but just thinking about it gets my heart pulsing. Challenge your date to a best of three match-up. Bonding over competitive sports, and playing games is one of the easiest and enjoyable date plans you could make. Plus you could always raise the stakes and let the winner choose their prize. 

Come winter time, Bryant Park's Winter Village is set up, which offers ice skating, heated shopping, dining on the rink, or sitting by the firepit at Southwest Porch

Byrant Park currently offers: Kubbs, putting, backgammon, chess, and the game cart. See more: HERE

For more information on Bryant Park's Winter Village click: HERE

2. Blowtorch Some Marshmallows

There's nothing that says 'I trust you' more than allowing someone to not only hold a blowtorch close to you, but to more importantly choose the correct flavored marshmallow for your s'mores treat. 

To see what else the Todd English Food Hall has to offer visit: HERE

3. Stop & Smell The Roses

Sometimes we learn more about people through unconventional methods. This next date idea is more just a stop on the way to something else that can turn into twenty minutes of real talk (well real scent) if you'll let it. For this next date idea you're going to have to have a nothing to lose mentality. Ready? Step inside Frederic Malle in either of his two locations and get lost in a world created by some of the most talented Noses. Now, you may think this could get too irritating too fast, but this is not the case with Frederic Malle. At Frederic Malle they have what is called a perfume smelling booth where the fragrance is sprayed into. Someone on hand will first let it sit for a few seconds, then let you smell the scent untainted within the smelling booth. What is really intriguing about scent is that all scents can evoke a memory. Take your someone to the smelling booth and be transported to different memories that you can share. Also, finding out what he or she likes scent-wise can be a smart move.

For more information visit: HERE

4. But First, Coffee.
Sometimes investing all that time and energy it takes to get ready for a dinner date is not appealing, and all we want to do is something casual and easy. Sometimes we want to make sure the date we put our nighttime plans on hold for is actually worth it, and sometimes we don't want to even take the chance on missing a good night with our homies (we can't help the fact that we just re-watched Clueless for the umpteenth time). So, what can we do to not seem like a total flake? We plan a day-date. One of our favorite day date ideas is going coffee tasting around 2 PM, when we start to hit that afternoon wall. Stop by Stumptown Coffee Roasters who amazingly enough host a coffee tasting everyday at 2 PM. See coffee fairies are real. Then, after choosing your perfect Cup of Joe, hang out at the espresso bar, chat and relax. 

5.  See How The Other Half...Lived

If you're a bit of a history nerd, love New York, or just have an affinity for anything vintage, then a great date for you would be to visit Gracie Mansion. A house (err mansion) built in 1977, by a wealthy merchant named Archibald Gracie. I know what a lot of you are thinking, and no, there is no relation to the fictional character Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl, even though we secretly wish there were. This historical landmark just reopened and public tours will resume after November 10th. To request an available date and time for your tour click: HERE

The limit is two tickets per person, which is perfect if you want to make this just a one on one or a double date. 

 Gracie Mansion Photo Credit: Jin Lee

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies Blog 

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