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Here just in time to help you create your perfect weekend outfit our ‘Yay Or Nay’ post!

Let’s break this down: We’ve asked 7 real guys their take on the latest fashion trends. After viewing photos of the latest trends, the panel will either give it a Yay (they dig it) or Nay(they don’t) and explain why in about one sentence. Because, let’s face it, sometimes we’re into attracting the eye of that cute guy across the room and wished we knew what he was thinking.

Other times we could care less.

So, either take it as valued information, an education, or proof that sometimes guys know nothing about fashion.

Today’s Trend: Blanket Scarf Trend

Brian: Yay- "It's kinda a classy, homeless look. Says I can lay down right here in the street and I'll still be cozy. Do they make a pillow headband? That would match perfectly."

Ryan: Yay- “Especially if they're paired with a nice set of sweater pillows."

Darryl: Nay- “The overly big ones look like clown clothes. The not so big ones are cool. Weird, they're just weird shawls.Overall, nay, but not a big nay though, as I am very pro normal human scarves. 

Joe: Nay- “It kind of looks like they threw their childhood blankies around their necks and called it a day. It obstructs any sense of fashion that might be going on underneath."

Daniel: Yay- "I think they look great on the smaller end with tight clothing and no outerwear-pic three is a perfect example. When you're wearing a coat with a poor pattern, it looks clownish. I'm a sucker for a faux frontier cowgirl look though."

Dylan: Yay- "The possibilities are endless. Bar is boring? Grab a seat, turn it into a blanket and catch a nap."

Mike L: Yay- "Multi-functional for warmth, style and it's a blanket."

The poll is in and 5/7 guys dig blanket scarves. Agree to disagree, or agree completely with our panel?  We want to hear your take either way! Sound off in the comments below and let our guys of summer know what that got right and what they got wrong. 

Stay Lovely,


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