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Better late than...

Here just in time to help you create your perfect weekend outfit our ‘Yay Or Nay’ post!

Let’s break this down: We’ve asked 10 real guys their take on the latest fashion trends. After viewing photos of the latest trends, the panel will either give it a Yay (they dig it) or Nay(they don’t) and explain why in about one sentence. Because, let’s face it, sometimes we’re into attracting the eye of that cute guy across the room and wished we knew what he was thinking.

Other times we could care less.

So, either take it as valued information, an education, or proof that sometimes guys know nothing about fashion.

Today’s Trend: High-Waist Shorts/Pants

Brian: Nay- “They remind me of Huggies; I like babes not babies.”

Ryan: Yay- “First pic is totally T-Swift. I like that they are basically just shifted the pants upwards and it flaunts more sexy stems. Also helps control muffin tops. Reminds me of my mom though…”

Darryl: Nay- “NOPEEEE. Is this the 1940’s? If you want to look like a frumpy house wife then look no further. Although T Swift pulls it off, because she is TSwift.”

Joe: Yay- “I’m not sure I like your sample set here, but in general- yay- because they’re a great throwback. I’ve been seeing high wasted shorts and really like them, but the last one in particular is no Bueno. T Swift knows how to rock them though.”

Mike S.: Yay- “With the potential for a little rear showing, I say yay.”

Felix: Nay “Definitely nay on the frayed ones, because they make the butt look weird.”

Sam: Yay “Retro but yay; cutoffs are great!”

Daniel: Yay- "Oh man. This is tough. I've literally fallen in love with some girls who had been rocking these, but I have mixed feelings. I think jean cut offs with a tank top is SUPER attractive. It does flatten the bum a bit, but it makes the legs look incredible."

Dylan: Yay- "Total yay. I definitely dig this look. It's a combination of fun and hot. The best combination." 

Mike L: Nay- "They actually make women with nice bodies look terrible and they go too far into the trashy category for me." 

The poll is in and 6/10 guys dig high-waist shorts. And 10/10 guys know Taylor Swift's body. Agree to disagree, or agree completely with our panel?  We want to hear your take either way! Sound off in the comments below and let our guys of summer know what that got right and what they got wrong. 

Stay Lovely,


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Dusk & Rubies Blog 

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