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As one of the most anticipated evenings of the New York winter social calendar, the rain outside didn't hinder us, or anyone else with the floral ticket, from flocking from all parts of Manhattan to the oasis created inside by The New York Botanical Garden’s annual Orchid Dinner. 

When we say oasis we mean if the Garden of Eden and Mt. Olympus had a baby, then this is what their venue would like like. 

And, when we tell you it was dismal outside on Tuesday night, we mean...our umbrella broke somewhere between 42nd and 47th and we had to throw it out before making our grand entrance at the Plaza, where our shoe fell off, and we couldn't even feel it, because our toes were so cold. 

It was a miracle that hair remained straight and full-bodied. 

Dusk & Rubies

Anyway, we were so excited because the Orchid Dinner promises breath-taking and ornate tablescapes, dinner, dancing, and an atmosphere filled with excitement. Believe it or not the fact that we were shoulder to shoulder with Martha Stewart on the elevator ride down to the ballroom was not the reason why we arrived early, but rather most guests did to mingle, sip wine and designer cocktails, while also getting a close up view of all the orchid magic.  

Dusk & Rubies

Each tablescape, designed specifically for the event to showcase the beautiful varieties of orchids, was like its own private island. Coming across each table was like being transported to another world. Guests were absolutely giddy when they finally got to see which table they were sitting at. 

Dusk & Rubies

We even caught Martha taking a selfie with one of the arrangements, because she is clearly all about that plant life. 

Dusk & Rubies

Underwriters for the event included, Hearst Corporation, VERANDA, and BNY Mellon which fund-raised for the Garden’s esteemed orchid research collection. 

Dusk & Rubies

After dinner and dessert is when the real party began, guests of all ages danced the night away under the gilded and vaulted ceilings of the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza Hotel. We were surrounded and shrouded by the now candlelit tables and draped colorful florals. 

Dusk & Rubies

The entire impression? Ethereal, a secret garden in the middle of February. 

Dusk & Rubies

Dusk & Rubies

Dusk & Rubies

In addition, The New York Botanical Garden presents The Orchid Show: Orchidelirium from February 27 through April 17, 2016, the nation’s largest exhibition of its kind. Visitors to this year’s Orchid Show, inspired by the 19th-century craze sparked by a single orchid bloom, will be transported on an epic journey that engages all of the senses and underscores the allure and intrigue of these exquisite beauties. Filling the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory—a New York landmark—will be thousands of orchids in a stunning array of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures, highlighting the far-flung adventures of daring explorers who risked life and limb to secure these captivating and exotic flowers from danger-laden jungles around the world for determined collectors.   

For further information and to purchase tickets, please call 718.817.8774 or 

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