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I am not single, but I really can't stand Valentine's Day. I find it to be a completely arbitrary holiday that draws a line in the sand for both men and women alike. The line says,

single on one side 
and everyone else on the other. 

Then the line has the audacity to tell us how we should all act.  

- flowers

-drink with your boys
-drink with your girlfriends
-binge watch sappy movies and cry into a pint of ice cream
-feel bad about being alone

I mean come on! Does it always have to be SO cliche? To me, cliche means boring. Plus, looking at that list of options for couples is so lame. 

#1 I'm not a flowers girl. I've gotten better, but poor B.

#2 It's February and I'm probably still full from Super Bowl a few nights ago. Please, let's skip this 5 course meal, so I can be in bikini shape by...three summers from now. 

And #3 is just redundant because if you're in a relationship with someone long enough, then we all know the romance is dead and buried by now...

just kidding!

What I meant to say is, we all know we have romantic moments that aren't forced because it's some holiday, but rather because you were feeling romantic in that moment, and doesn't that sound so much better? 

So whether you're coupled and think V-Day is overrated, like me, single, just broken up, or needed a break this playlist is for you: 

1. Justin Bieber "Love Yourself" To give the brush-off...on the sly.

2. "Afraid" by The Neighborhood For the really angry and bitter... On the flipside there's always "Sweater Weather" for when you've calmed down...

3. "Me Myself and I" Beyonce No list would be complete without Queen B, pre-hot sauce recipes.  

4. "Same Old Love" Selena Gomez When you're wanting a bit more than what you have...and you're obsessed with Fetty at the moment.

5. "On My Mind" Ellie Goulding When it all went so right, then fell apart and you're having a hard time letting go... but then you had this beat to step to, and everything was golden. 

6. "Love Myself" Hailee Steinfeld When you know your self worth isn't tied to anyone or anything aka you've had your Samantha moment from SATC. 

7. "Love Myself" Top10Channel When you and your girls need a mashup to sing to and pop champagne to, because you're fabulous with or without a man. 

8. "We All Fall Down" A-Trak Reminds us not to idolize anyone or put anyone above us...because, well, because we all fall down. It also allows us to shake a little somethin' somethin'. 

9. "I'm Every Woman" Whitney Houston When you just need to go full on old school for a hot sec- Whitney has you covered. Plus you can full out karaoke to this jam. 

10. "Just Fine" Mary J. Blige It's safe to say that 99.9% of the time when a woman says 'she's fine', she ain't, but in Mary J's case she is 100% F.I.N.E and we love it! 

There you have it: 10 songs to get you through this ridiculous holiday that throws up hearts and pink gook everywhere. I promise we'll get through it together.

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies Blog 

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