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Yoga is hitting its stride so much so that yoga gear and yoga-wear have become perfectly appropriate outfits to wear outside your studio and away from your practice. For instance you'll see many donning this look to the grocery store (guilty), or for a quick jog through Central Park (guilty again).

During NY fashion week, we too saw plenty of comfortable sporty trends both on those attending the shows and those actually walking the runway.

But despite being fashionable, there is still a stigma to yoga. I still hear people saying, "that's just stretching", or my favorite, "that's not a real workout; I'll do that on like my off day". 

I will admit, if you asked me a year ago, I would have said the exact. same. thing. Well, after practicing yoga for 9 months, I've changed my tune, and here are my reasons why.

1. You WILL see progress.
Like any awesome workout there is room for growth, and if you practice regularly, then you will see progress in you're ability. I'm highly motivated by visual progress, and I think a lot of us are. You will be able to see and feel a difference in your ability the more you practice. 

I could do none of this, let alone a Chatarunga....
2. You will gain strength. 
Speaking of Chatarungas, which are part of every Vinyasa practice, they take a lot of core and arm strength. Here are two videos for a better Chatarunga.

Quick Video:

More In-depth Video:

3. You will gain mobility and flexibility.
Some people are naturally more flexible than others, but yoga can make you bend with the best of them. There are triggers in our day that cause our bodies to become stiff. I bet you didn't know the leading cause of neck and back issues is the constant craning we do over our cell phones. Add the fact that you may have a desk job, that drive to work, or a sedentary lifestyle your mobility is what takes a huge hit over the years. This can easily be reversed, and you can actually be the most flexible you have ever been if you stick with yoga. Your joints will thank you!

4. You will have a better appreciation for your body.
What's really cool about yoga is that it is really community based. Of course you can practice on your own, but you can also practice with a lot of other people. Lole is a company that holds free yoga sessions in amazing picturesque places for thousands to enjoy. For many, yoga is more than a workout, and everyone comes onto their mats with a dedication in mind. For me, I was able to learn how to better appreciate and take care of my body. For you it could be something completely different. But, you'll only find out if you give it a try!

5. You'll learn to breathe.
Sounds silly. You're thinking, 'We all know how to breathe; it's instinctual'. But, did you know that in times of stress, or intense rigor, anger, anxiety, we actually stop breathing, and shorten our breaths? One of my yoga instructors said something to our class that has really stuck with me,'yoga without breathing isn't yoga at all; it is just going through the motions'. I think this applies to life as well, our lives without stopping to take deep, long, breaths and to appreciate all that is around is, isn't living; it's just going through the motions. Yoga teaches you how to breathe through the tough stuff. And, I'm all for that. 

The next time a yoga class is offered at your local gym, give it a try! If you need to, then grab a friend. Sometimes we need that extra motivation. You'll  be glad you did!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies Blog 

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