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Danielle: We all know someone who has made the leap. Someone who now works for themselves and is fulfilling their dream by being their own boss. A lot of us want to know how it all works, what it's like, and how to even get started. Well, my someone is Sheri Homayoon--who I've known for almost 10 years now! It's crazy to think that I've known her for this long, since it is kind of a funny story how we met. You and I were dating two guys who were best friends, and it was in the very early stages of our relationships with those two that we met. My immediate thought was that you were such a nice person, and beautiful to boot! Even though those relationships didn't last, (we were in high school!) we stayed in contact. I see that as a testament to girl power, and being in the right place at the right time, and the good that can come from every situation. So, now that my readers know how we met, could you introduce yourself?

Sheri: Awesome! My name is Sheri Homayoon and I’m a Holistic Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner. I’m a Master Life Coach, Spiritual Gangster and also coach people on a nutritional system. I love to inspire people my age to start their life and step into their authentic power.  I love to educate people on why they do what they do, so they can understand the magnitude of their inner strength. I have seen the darkest of days and committed to myself to rise into the light, now I love to show others how they too can rise into their greatest, brightest self!

Danielle: You say that you were, "a happy soul living inside and unhappy body", and this fueled you to find a better path for yourself. You also have said that finding your purpose has given you balance. Oftentimes what we are passionate about is really our purpose, but sometimes it's hard to follow that purpose and make it into a career. How did you turn your passion into something you do for a living? How can others turn a passion of theirs into something marketable, but also allow for this passion to remain soul fulfilling?

Sheri: I’ll never forget the day I had my ‘ah-hah!’ moment. The moment where I shifted on the inside, and thus everything on the outside changed. I always casted myself as a ‘weird’ girl who loved self-love books, and was a hippy walking around in work clothes. I didn’t think a business could exist that centered around inspiration and empowerment or at least a business that would pay me the level of income I wanted! I’m highly money-motivated and thus found myself making 6 figures in a Quota-Driven Sales career but hating life. 

It was once I entered network marketing, and began to grow a business helping others part-time that I saw a bigger picture for myself. I had a mentor, Joanna Cavalcante that introduced me to the industry that ultimately saved my life. My part-time fortune began to grow, as my belief in network marketing, and myself as a coach did as well! Eventually, my business morphed into a full-time income and I was able to take the step out of corporate America and into the glory that is Entrepreneurship! 

I attribute my success to my amazing mentors; women my age and into their 30s making 6 and 7 figures and leading as an example of what was possible. For me, Network marketing was the answer to everything I had been searching for, a way to earn money through service, to put towards fueling my dream and a way for me to teach others everything I know. 

Growing up, I always wanted to teach, but I also wanted to be a millionaire as well. I didn’t think that was possible, but God proved me wrong. I can not think of something more fulfilling than reaching my dreams and providing a road map for others on the same path. My best advice is to find something that doesn’t feel like work, but rather is something you enjoy. Ask yourself, how can I add value to people’s lives with this passion? Find the need. If there is a need, the money will follow. 

When you connect to your ‘Why’ you will become unstoppable. Then go on and create your vision. Remember: Leaders go first.

Danielle: I looked around your website, and I love it! I want to focus mostly on the Life Coaching and the Lifestyle and Health Coaching, what is your approach? Is it different for each client, or do you find you have a certain approach that works for many?

Sheri: A little bit of both? So, I take a very consultative approach; I’m a talker! However, I value my time- a lot. I always take the first call to get to know what’s going on in my client’s life. Now, that call can be longer or shorter for some; so I also go in with a set of questions that I want to know the answers to. Rather than being ‘interrogative’ I’m more of a conversationalist. I always think before each call, “Sheri, this person is an assignment in your life, how will you serve them today?” By the end of the call, I let the client know if I can take them on or if I’d prefer to refer them to a friend for better assistance. 

I have referred clients to many people that I personally work with, because of the financial freedom I’ve created. This to me, is awesome! 

When it comes to life coaching, I do follow a fairly specific means of communicating with the client. One hour sessions; availability through email. They have my personal cell and specific business hours. For my Health and Lifestyle clients they have me, my mentors, an online support group, all in addition to the team of conscious leaders I’ve coached, for help. 

The Health and Wellness Company I’m partnered with has an amazing culture that I’m able to plug people into that is focused on nutrition & personal development. I’ll also provide free life coaching for all my clients that remain active on their nutritional system simply because I love my clients.

I do provide lifestyle coaching for those that are not looking to follow a system & rather want help with meal prep; however, I will rarely take them on as a client. In this case, I will refer them to a dietician or nutritionist that I work with.
Danielle: What is the most common problem you see clients having? What is one piece of advice you would give those suffering from similar symptoms?

Sheri: The most common problem I see clients having trouble with is comparison, and perfection. SO many people I coach struggle with perfection, and meeting their visions of perfection. This is where I take the time to explain that perfection is just an imaginary thought, and feeling ‘not good enough’ can be traced back to conditioning at a younger age. 

Perfection will keep people trapped in their mind so my best advice is generally to read literature; such as The Four Agreements, and The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. Secondly, comparing ourselves to others is a huge development area for many. People will compare their chapter 1, to another’s chapter 8 and expect their results to mimic someone else’s. My advice here is always to acknowledge your personal journey, and know that rarely we see the entire picture. We see the glory, but don’t know the story—and so I encourage my clients to see through a lens of love always, and rather than internalize disappointment and fear--- know that if someone else can do this, so can you! 
Danielle : I am such a huge fan of the #ladyboss portion of your website where you celebrate all women with different types of professions at different parts of their life. I too, try to highlight as many motivational women on my blog as I can-just something else we have in common! I think it's really important for women to build each other up and celebrate each other, instead of putting each other down. I think sometimes women put each other down, and they do this unconsciously. Growing up did you ever notice this? What inspired you to add this portion to your website? What is the philosophy behind it?

Sheri: Growing up, I was surrounded by my 5 older brothers, a beautiful mother who worked 3 jobs, and a passive aggressive father who was a Doctor. My father was very judgemental of women and their looks, and so I watched my mother and I become the victims of this phenomenon. I struggled with a sever eating disorder, as my mom internalized self-sabotaging thoughts. 

I believe women are pitted against eachother, due to our egos and the culture we live in. Society marks what they believe to be ‘beautiful’ and ‘cool’ thus everything different is said to be not as such. This message to the world is powerful, and so it takes developing inner strength for women to remember that we are all connected. We are each a child of God. It’s interesting to think also about how powerful our parents are as the early influencers in our lives. 

My longing to understand why I felt the way I felt had me on my knees praying, doped up on pharmaceutical medication trying to escape my life. I recognized the Stigma of Mental Illness and how nobody would talk about it. The Universe brought a man into my life, Jeff Combs who coached me, and put me on a path with the most successful woman I have ever seen in my life. This man became my mentor, and revealed how successful women had a mess of the past as well, but they rose out of their ashes and made their mess their message. 

He trained me on branding, selling the dream, network marketing and understanding what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I recognized those that made the most money, were the ones who helped the most people—so I knew I had some work to do! 

What inspired me to do this piece of my website is my deep love for women and the women I work with. There is nothing sexier than a woman who believes in herself, and has an unshakeable belief to rise despite what anyone thinks. While out in San Diego, I was overwhelmed with the love and amazing vibes I felt when standing next to many of the women I showcased. 6 figure earners, 7 figure earners, ordinary women just like me with tremendous networks helping tons of people. I was smitten. The idea popped into my head again while reading ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. I toyed the purpose, and got in my head thinking, “Nobody cares about your Ladyboss website Sheri.” But I realized it wasn’t about me—This was for them. This is for the girl that was me, 3 years ago going through the worst depression of her life. This is for the happy soul living in a sad body, and to any woman with a desire to do and be more in life! This is for the woman who doesn’t want the 9-5. The woman who knows she’s got ideas bigger than a square box life. She’s an Entrepreneur at heart and when given the right tools and resources she will soar. 

The philosophy is to never give up and know that success, financial freedom, time freedom and a life of abundance is possible no matter who you are or what’s happened to you. The women on my page are my friends, my business partners, and other women that I’ve seen weather the storm—and continue to build their empires. They are role models, for everyone. And this world requires more access to badass women role models so why not dedicate a part of my life to showcasing them!?

Danielle: How do you hope to continue to spread wellness and positivity? Where do you hope to go from here?

Sheri: My plans excite me. I will travel this world and document everything so people see that this life is so possible. Not even the sky is the limit. My 5 year plan is to retire my mother and have my parents freed of debt. In the process, I will assist 6 people to earn 6 figures residually, and by that time have developed a brand that can be worn and seen everywhere. My vision for #Ladyboss is to move into branding and marketing. My message will reach more people as I work on my first ebook and guided meditation in 2016 and have my book ready for publishing by 2017. As I earn more, I will begin to create meditation centers, places where women can come to re-balance themselves. Most people walking around are abused in some form, I want a safe space that feels good and will allow me to take my personal Zen Den into the living spaces, and cities of others. I will be taking a yoga-certification in 2017, and also incorporate more spiritual healing into my services as well. My purpose for this is to reach more people virtually—so I will expand my Youtube network and be creating a larger network online! My mission in life is to reach the mastery of Tony Robbins, and lead as a Motivational Speaker and Author around the world. I follow in the footsteps of Peta Kelly, Gabrielle Bernstein and Barbara DeAngelis. 

Danielle: What is your favorite part of what you do? What just makes your soul sing?

Sheri: My favorite part about what I do is getting to know a new person. I have met some of the most astonishing people ever and their stories--- hearing their stories allows me to feel extra connected to them. I’m met people that have died and come back to life, that have been through hell and back, that have seen it all; at all ages! As an Empath, I can pick up on others emotions, and so I’d say what makes my soul sing is finding a person who is in tune with me. It’s like the Universe brought us together, and I immediately know I’ve been friends with them in a past life. I find myself smiling on the phone a lot, and can hear me saying ‘You so got this,’ in my head. Synchronicities are my favorite. I believe there are no coincidences in life, so the people that find me and ‘show up’ remind me that I’m on the right path. I trust my inner guide to never lead me astray, and so my soul will continue to sing for those who listen.

Thank you Sheri for brightening our day! 

To connect with Sheri visit her website: HERE

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

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