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Girl's Guide to Lake House Livin'

Three weekends ago a gaggle of us girls went up to Claryville New York for a surprise bachelorette party. We spent it in the luxury of a beautiful lake house with full lake access. Our stay from Friday to Sunday was complete with barbecue, beers, kayaking, chess, dining, whooping, dancing, and of course smashing the Bachelorette's face in the cake.

Naturally, the first question girl's ask each other is what are you wearing? So the first bit of information is what to wear:

If you know one thing about me it is that I hate over packing. I rather pack exactly what I need, so I pack actual outfits with pieces I can use multiple times in different ways to save space. I packed just my back pack and I was good to go. Here is my four outfits for the weekend:
1. For a girl's night out, or for hanging around the fire grab your light wash boyfriend denim, and a lace comfortable cream top pair with flip flops.
2. For day time on the lake don your best two piece suit, and sandals that can get wet!
3. Re-use those boyfriend jeans, and the flip flops you packed, and add a cami and a black lace jacket. This outfit is relaxed enough to hang out with the girls and barbecue, but is also something you could easily go out in.
4. Pajamas that also duel as clothes to wear on the ride home when you need something comfy and you're stuck in traffic is a must! I suggest yoga pants, and a hoodie. 
Voila! These were my four outfits, all of which fit in my back pack!
Next is girls always want to contribute: a casserole, a quiche, beers, no one likes to show up empty handed. Here is what I brought:

I also brought: almonds, oatmeal, and popcorn which everyone appreciated! All healthy and enjoyable foods!
Are you going away for a lake house weekend? Send us pictures of your perfect lake house livin' outfits!

Like always stay lovely,
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies

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