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Grenada: 1 Country 5 Ways

Hello lovelies! Long time no post, but don't you start worrying about me. I have been in the beautiful, breathtaking country of Grenada. I am newly sun kissed, well fed, and still high off my last trip. Now, don't you feel silly for worrying? Speaking of my newest adventure, I am here to give you all the details on how you can make the most of your vacation if you ever choose to visit the friendly peoples of Grenada. Are you ready? Ready, Set....Let's Jet!

1. For the Fittie:

Where to stay: The Grenadian Rex Resorts. Wake up for your pre-morning workout either: yoga on Magazine or Pink Gin private beaches, laps in the pool, or a run on the treadmill. Then, it is off to the Cinnamon Café for an all you can eat papaya and granola at their delicious breakfast buffet. Mmmm!

Mid-Morning: Catch some rays down on the beach by kayaking or taking a sailing lesson! There is nothing like toning your arms and core while basking in some tropical sunlight!

Afternoon: Head up to the pool restaurant where lunch is served buffet style with delicious salads and toppers like corn, king fish, sword fish, egg plant, carrots, and onions! Then it is time for a game of tennis! Go head girl grab your racket, can of Wilsons and you're ready to play that 10 game pro!

Dinner: The Oriental Room has elegance and a carving station every night! Have your protein plated expertly, you're going to need it when tomorrow comes and consists of the same fit-life!

2. For The Tourist:

If you're camera doesn't stop clicking, and a good day is based on the amount of shots you've got in, then you are by our definition a tourey.

Morning: Go down to the beach front rooms and walk along the shore for some superb sites.

Afternoon: Take a taxi to Grand Anse beach, and soak in the culture, and yet another vision of limitless blue. Bask in the green foliage of plant life, and take some artsy photos!

Early Evening: Watch the sun set on Prickley Bay. There is no shot quite like the numerous white sail boats docked in the bay against a myriad of tropical colors!

3. For The Aristocrat:
Only the best of the best for you? Where to stay: The Coyaba or Maca Bana. (Is this a couples getaway? Then, we suggest Maca Bana where you and your significant other will have a cabin on a cliff overlooking a beautiful beach all to yourself. Want to know how to top that? Hot tub with a view...boom!...we just did it, didn't we?) The Coyaba is situated on Grand Anse Beach with a private area just for you and your boo!
Midday: Grab some culinary perfection at Aquarium (the restaurant is situated below the cabanas at Maca Bana), or swim up to the pool bar at Coyaba.
Night: Relax in the hot tub next to your cabana on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, head over to Umbrellas a restaurant next to Coyaba, and top your night off by ordering a massage. C'est magnifique!

4. For the Beach Bum:
Morning: Slather on some SPF and grab a fresh towel you're heading to the beach! But, you need to grab some sustenance to snack on while there, and a good book to read. Why not read what I read while on vaca? May I suggest Jemima J by Jane Green.
Midday: Saddle up to the pool bar just a couple feet away and grab yourself something light like their local beer called Carib. Absolutely refreshing, and now I think it is time for you to turn over. You want to get an even tan.
Night: the sun sets at 6:30 pm here, so by 5 it is time to wade into the nearby water to not only cool off but bring out your hard day's work. Oh the life of a beach bum!
 5. For the Adventurer:
Morning: Grenada is known for its spices, so it is only natural that Grenada would offer the adventurous a spice and nut tour! Your hotel should offer information but if you want the details now here they are:
"On this 4.5-hour tour, discover why Grenada is known as the ‘Island of Spice!’ Visit three picturesque Grenada spice gardens: the private Sunnyside Garden; De La Grenade's Spice Garden Trail, where you'll taste local jams and jellies; and Smithy's Garden, where you'll enjoy its 'jungle' atmosphere. See what makes Grenada’s nutmeg the best around as you learn about the process of producing nutmeg, along with other spices, from your expert guide."
Pricing: One website quoted around $70 dollars.
Afternoon: If you love hiking and secret waterfalls then I completely suggest doing the Waterfall Hike. This was also offered through our hotel The Grenadian A Rex Resort. I found this information located on Viator:
"Hike through a tropical rainforest in Grenada on this 4.5-hour small-group hiking tour Visit Grand Etang National Park and enjoy a moderate hike through the lush, scenic rainforest. Your knowledgeable guide will point out various spice trees, root crops and vegetables that line the walking path. See beautiful waterfalls; spot various wildlife including monkeys and armadillos; and take a refreshing swim in a natural pool."
Pricing: This website quoted $60.00
Evening: The Owl Restaurant and Bar has crab races, and dancing! But have you ever watched a crab race over some Grenadian Rum? Yes, this is a once in a life time event. Check out there webpage here.
Stay right here with me as I continue to give you the info, photos, and talk Grenadian lifestyle with all of you lovelies!
Have you ever been to Grenada send us your photos, suggestions, and stories at our e-mail: We would love to hear from you!
Stay Lovely,

Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies

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