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My NYFW Interview with Chloe Gosselin

Chloe Gosselin Spring/ Summer 2015 Presentation


Chloe Gosselin’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was inspired by a romantic vision of the deep sea and its contrast with the bio-luminescent sea life. We had a chance to talk shoes, fashion week and her favorite instagrams to follow! 

For an inside look at this amazing shoe collection keeping reading! 

I know it’s really hard to choose one, but out of your entire collection which shoe is your favorite?
It has to be this one. There is this ladder in the back, and I love the detail of it. (Pictured below)


Would you say you could wear this shoe not only in the Spring, but also in the Fall especially because of the weather we have been having? And the beautiful green color of the t-strap?
I am from Europe and in the winter you’re not going to wear sandals. But here in the US, when you show for only two seasons and there are all these different climates you can get away with it. I definitely feel you can get away with wearing this shoe in the Fall, and I am actually going to be playing off this color in my Fall/ Winter collection too.

What would you say is your favorite shoe out of the flats, since this is your first time bringing flats into your collection? What made you add flats by the way?
We all need flats, comfort and I wanted to bring that in. I had to make sure the flats had the details of a high-heel. I wanted them to stand out. My favorite are the Moonseed in black and the python. I am already wearing them! The Mesh not only keeps your foot cool but is also sexy. 

How would you style the Moonseed? What would you wear with this shoe?
A skinny jean. And the python one with a short dress would look really cute.

Are there any other designers from NYFW you are dying to see?
Chris Gelina’s show, because I have been in touch with him and he has a beautiful collection. Jason Wu is amazing. I just haven’t had enough time to see the shows! We look at and catch the shows that way!

Is there anyone you follow on Instagram for fashion inspiration?
Yeah I do. Actually, Regina Yazdi we did a feature together where she did a watercolor of what’s in my bag and I follow her and love everything she does, so all her sketches are amazing

We also love these flats pictured below. Hannah Bronfman wore them to the Michael Kors show!

We had a blast talking to the lovely Chloe Gosselin and fell in love with all of her intricate and beautiful designs such as the ladders, and shirt details she added throughout the collection. We think walking around in a pair of shoes by Chloe is like walking around in works of art.  Now who wouldn't want that? 

C'est magnifique! 

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator

Dusk & Rubies

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