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Date Ideas (NYC Edition): Dinner & The MOMA!


Sometimes we just need a significant date day with our significant others. Something, we don't mean something where you have to act seriously- that would be boring. But a real date, where we can dress up, or go somewhere we haven't gone before (or, in our case somewhere we haven't visited in a long time) and you plan surprised for each other. We think, especially for the couples who have been together for a long time it is important to not be stuck doing the same thing constantly. 

So as part of an ongoing series, here is our first installment! Read on for great suggestion for a night out on the town, err we mean in the city of all cities NYC!

If you're interested in art, atmosphere, conversation and frugality, then this date is right up your alley. Thanks to the amazing brand UNIQLO you can visit the MOMA for free from 4pm to 8pm on Friday nights

For more information visit: HERE
Forget dinner and a movie impress her with art and a restaurant that feels like you've packed a bag and landed in Mykonos. What is great about the 4-8 pm slot is you can leave in perfect time for your dinner reservation. We have the perfect restaurant for you too! We have written about  Ethos Gallery on 1st before, and  about their delicious Mediterranean food, excellent wait staff and beautiful ambiance. Really, we suggest it! Check out our article: HERE

We also hit a comedy club after dinner, which if you check out Groupon they always have some stellar deals. 

So, impress your guy or your gal with our combo, we'll even let you take credit for coming up with this amazing date idea yourself.

Well, aren't you clever!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator 

Dusk & Rubies  

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