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#NYFW14: The Clothes, The Shoes, The Recap

They say third time's a charm, and that is exactly how I felt walking into my third fashion week! I have to say I was definitely more prepared, felt my outfit was on par with what everyone else was wearing, and knew exactly which lounges to take advantage of to recharge my Iphone, refuel my body and rest my Michael-Kors-clad tootsies.

Firstly, with my new job and also covering Fashion Week for Guest of A Guest, the online website I write for I was hard-pressed for fitting everything in. I knew that I had to pack my purse with the essentials. I also knew which clutch I wanted to wear, before I had my outfit. It is this orange, with gold detail, vintage, circa the 1950s clutch. 

What to pack to survive NYFW

  • Tylenol (those slim, small packs of 2 pills each for when your feet start to ache)
  • Your Smart phone
  • Your credit cards and ID (no one carries cash)
  • Your lipstick
  • Your business card. 

I can't express to you how many people ask for your business card and how many cool people you'll meet at shows. It is a great way to connect with industry insiders, editors and other writers, photographers and fashion bloggers. 

The Shoes

I swear my feet were photographed outside Lincoln Center, more than anything else. Which lets me know I basically killed it from the waist down. Fashion photographers are always on the hunt for the best street style shots. And so many came up to me to tell me they were in love with my sheer pleated skirt from Philosophy and my Michael Kors stilettos. 

PS. You don't have to be a size 0 to look fabulous or attend NYFW. You don't have to crash diet or drink juices all day everyday. Wear something you feel confident in that shows off your best features and you'll be a hit! 

On Photographers

I always find it to be an honor to have my photo taken, but I also think it is good idea to ask what company the photographer works for and to commandeer a business card. It is a great way to not only have a professional photo of yourself, but to find out where your photo will be and which site will be possibly using it. 

The Tents At Lincoln Center

This year the editors and writers noticed there was a lot more branding going on. Booths were set up with extra perks for guests like free cards signed by the designer from PAPYRUS, E! Entertainment booth gave out champagne gummy bears, TRESemme and E! teamed up to help you create your own gif.

And Ebay took professional shots of people who wore outfits you would want to buy! Basically, whether you were invited or paid to play there were plenty of toys for everyone. 


I think my favorite part, well besides for the runway shows obviously, was my new knowledge of where the special NYFW lounges are located from the Younger Juice & Recharge Bar to the Grey Goose Players Lounge I was able to pace myself, make sure my phone had enough battery life for the next show and rest my body comfortable and in style between shows. 

Where: The Empire Hotel

Other Details: The perfect place to recharge our smart-phones from all the photos we’ve been taking of the runway, our seats, our friends, celebs, our champagne gummy bears and our shoes, and the perfect place to recharge our bodies with an All Greens juice from Liquiteria, and some nibbles of healthy snacks. Plus, the real insider would have noticed the flash tattoo bar where we had tattoos applied, while watching a sneak peek of a new show soon to hit the airwaves called Younger. 

Next time you attend a show in NYFW I hope these tips and tricks of the trade help you have a magical time as well.

Stay tuned for my interviews with Chloe Gosselin and Cesar Galindo!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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