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Foodie Reviews: Long Island Restaurant Week...Le Soir Review

Restaurant Week 2013: The dates were April 28th- May 5th, and Brian (my boyfriend) and I just made it by attending the last day of the week, Saturday May 5th. Restaurant week on Long Island gives us the chance to go to expensive restaurants and eat a 3 course well procured meal for the reasonable price of $27.95. Naturally, we chose Le Soir- one of our favorite spots (we go at least once a year). Here is a quick run down about the restaurant:

Name: Le Soir (which means the evening in French. I think their name is clever, because every time we go our evening is filled with delight, both culinary and experience wise.

Cuisine: French

Where: Bayport

Price: Usually expensive, but during LI restaurant week extremely reasonable.

My Favorite Dish: Roast Duck in Orange Sauce
The Menu:
Risotto aux Petit Pois et Lardons
Peas and Pancetta Risotto
Pâté de Campagne

Le Soir Country Pâté
Mélange de Salades, Fromage de Chèvre Tiède, Tomate séché
Goat Cheese Salad, Sun-dried Tomato
Bisque de Homard et Gnocchi
Lobster Bisque, Gnocchi
Escargots Bourguignons
Baked Snails, Garlic Butter (supp. $4)
Carré de Porc Rôti, Sauce Charcutière
Roast Rack of Pork, Duchesse Potato, Mustard Gherkins Sauce
Branzino Sauté, Sauce Beurre Blanc Citronné
Sautéed Branzino, Lemon White Butter Sauce

Canard Rôti, Sauce a l’Orange
Roast Duck with Orange Sauce (supp. $7)

Poulet de Ferme Rôti, Sauce Diable

Pan Seared Farm Chicken, Diablo Sauce

Desserts Maison
$ 27.95

The food was full bodied, every part of my hunger was satiated and satisfied from my appetizer to my cafe (coffee). I strongly reccomend when on Long Island trying this restaurant. It is some of the best French cuisine I have ever tried, the staff is friendly and knowledgable, and the room is bright and open with beautiful artwork. There were white roses set on our table, and I felt I had just stepped into the novel, Alice and Wonderland, because of the artwork, and the white roses at our table. See the picture we were sitting beneath below, and tell me if you agree with my allusion.

Last but not least...a picture speaks a thousand words...and I have a lot of pictures.
Roast Rack of Pork, Duchesse Potato, Mustard Gherkins Sauce

Roast Rack of Pork, Duchesse Potato, Mustard Gherkins Sauce

My Meal: Pan Seared Farm Chicken, Diablo Sauce

Pan Seared Farm Chicken, Diablo Sauce

The Floating Island Dessert

The Floating Island Dessert

The art above our table depicted bushes that were shaped with different tops!

I wore a red chemise, and my be mine Betsy Johnson Bag. I felt like the Queen of Hearts!

Stay Lovely,
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies

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