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Marshalls Mondays

     Marshalls is my go to place when I have the time to shop, sift, and explore. I love finding that new brand I have never heard of before, or when I find a brand that is currently hot right now for less. This week my Marshalls haul did not disappoint!
I scored the dress above for $59.99.
Through some Internet researchin' I found that this dress was originally $174.00.
I didn't know enough about the brand except that it is made in the USA, so I continued my search to learn a little bit more about the designers who made this gorgeous, chic, and comfy chiffon dress.
Charlie Jade states, "[that] the Charlie Jade girl has a creative soul... a sense of playfulness, fantasy, and surprise". Proving that the brand is for girls and women alike with a flirty side who love to experience, and explore. If this sounds like a perfect description of your wardrobe, and your personality check out their collections on their brand's website below. You'll fall in love with Charlie Jade's designs, fabrics, and vision just like I did!
Charlie Jade Brand has showrooms in the following locations: NY, LA, Dallas, Atlanta, and Europe.
Visit the site below:

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