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Loves Me; Loves Me Not

Let's play the word association game.
When I say flowers, you say?
Surprisingly, I have always associated negative thoughts with receiving flowers.
This probably stemmed from being gifted flowers by boys I didn't like in Middle School. 
I felt forced to accept them, and then felt guilty about not having reciprocating feelings.
(There were only a few boys, a few flowers, and a lots of braces...far from romantic or anything glamorous.)
Maybe it is also because I am not a fan of the smell. I find flowery perfumes irritating, and
reminiscient of funeral homes.
Or, maybe it was because I always felt awkward when recieving a bouquet.
What do you say? Does Thanks suffice?
What is an appropriate emotional response? Do you get all giddy, or simply smile?
How do you hug or kiss a person with a huge arrangement occupying your hands, or blocking the other person's face?
But then,
Today happened.
Today, I recieved a beautiful arrangement of flowers at work.
I had never had flowers delivered to my place of employment,
and I had no idea who they were from.
There was something exciting about it.
How many times a week, a month, a year, do we get to feel excitement?
And as I opened the small card, patiently, I could not stop smiling.
"Thank you for all of your hard work"
Absolutely Lovely.

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