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Weekend Staycations...Shelter Island

Fourth of July weekend brings thousands of people from the hot city streets of Manhattan out to the hot sandy beaches of the Hamptons, and Sunrise Highway becomes flooded with bumper to bumper traffic. Usually I play it safe, and stay far away from the frustrations by lounging by the pool, but this past weekend I decided to (with my siblings) take a chance and voyage to Greenport where we could take the ferry to Shelter Island. We hit no traffic on Sunday, and the trip was so affordable, and relaxing! Take a look at some pictures below.

 Ferry prices are so affordable, and parking for the ferry is free. I opted not to take my car, and we walked from the ferry terminal to Crescent Beach.

While walking to the beach we took the scenic route. We saw sail boats docked, beautiful houses, tennis courts, and on their main street there was a gas station, general store, bike rentals, a bar, liquor store, and cafĂ©. We also passed a golf course, and a deli.  


Crescent Beach is one of the most highly visited beaches on Shelter Island. Although this beach is located directly in front of the Sunset Beach Hotel and Restaurant, it is open to the public. Their are lounge chairs, and umbrellas for the guests of the hotel only, but their is paddle boarding for everyone to rent. They charge $30 per hour and two people can go out on one board.

Photo From Sunset Hotel Brochure

Photo From Sunset Beach Brochure

1. Bring single dollar bills with you because ferry rides take tokens, and one token is worth $2 dollars. (If you put in a ten dollar bill, then you will receive four tokens, not change. You only need two tokens: one there, and one for the return trip.)
2. It is pretty affordable to take your vehicle, but there is no guarantee that there will be parking. Plus, you will have to wait on the sometimes grueling ferry line.
3. We chose to walk it, but the scenic route was 2.2 miles long. My brother called it suburban hiking. We found biking as the number one way to get around the island, because even though we chose to walk there were very few people walking, and most roads lacked sidewalks. There were plenty of bikers who biked to get around, and just for exercise.

4. If you choose to walk or bike the easiest way to carry your items is with a backpack. If you bring a cooler, then somehow bring one that is easy to carry or tie to your bicycle.

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