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What To Wear To: A Wedding

If you're in that age range of 24-30 you know that these years mark the busiest time for weddings. My boyfriend and I have committed to three weddings of the five we were invited to this summer. If you are like us, then you know that weddings can be not only fun,  but also expensive. There is the gift, the transportation (airfare, bus fare, gas prices, tolls), the possible block of hotel rooms for you and other guests to purchase, and of course what you are going to wear!
Every time I go to a wedding I probably put in too much thought into what I am going to wear. I question:
- Does this dress reflect the type of wedding, and personal style of the bride and groom?
- Is this dress on trend for the time of year? Weather?
- Do I have to match my date?
- Which type of shoes? Which type of accessories? Hairstyle? Mani/ Pedi color?
...yes, it is truly a massive overload of information circulating throughout my brain. But, I realize that my questions may also be your questions, and lucky for us all I have figured out some of the answers.
Thanks to all of my friends for indulging me in this round of "let's take nice couple photos" I have a slew of what to wear to a wedding options for every type of person! Let us take a look:
1. Classic Elegance:
Couple number 1 shows us how to look like wedding perfection with their classic elegance. Men you can't go wrong with the right shade of blue and steel slacks. And ladies, a classic black A-line dress with a strand of pearls and strappy black shoes is the right look for just about any wedding.

2. Trendy Elegance:

 I was so excited to see trendy done right for a wedding. My beautiful friend Sarah is wearing a floor length gown in an on trend color this summer: coral. The bright sherbet colored stripes draw attention to her slender middle making this dress perfect for those with an hourglass figure, and who love to play with color. She is also wearing a nude shoe, which is right on target. When you wear a bright colored dress you want to wear a muted nude shoe. What else do I love about this look? Sarah told me that with her tattoos it is hard to wear patterns because  it is easy for her look to become too busy. So if you, like Sarah, have beautiful tattoos, then let them too be your best accessory.
Now let us give some attention to her fiancĂ©. He chose to wear white on white and dress sneakers. He had asked me earlier in the night if white on white was a faux pas. I explained that actually the look worked rather well! First off the white tie and white button down were of two different textures, and not exactly the same shade of white. What made the look work was that the tie was the darker shade of white, therefore, working as an accent to his entire look.
Together their looks worked perfectly. Think of it as Sarah bringing the color into a black and white movie! This couple took a fashion risk and we say it was worth it. We give it an A+ in its art perfection!
3. From Under Dressed to Perfectly Dressed Elegance:
What is great about certain dresses is that with the right accessories you can transform it to fit any need. This is the case with the dress I chose to wore. I bought this dress from a boutique near Bryant park for a fabulous fee of $24.99 and had worn it out to a friend's birthday party in Manhattan prior to the wedding. To make this dress appropriate for a night of nuptials I added a touch of elegance in the form of jewelry. I added diamond drop earrings, and a vintage diamond and sapphire pendant I purchased from an antique store, proving that a little jewelry can go a long way! I also painted both my nails and toes in a deep, sparkling navy blue by O.P.I (Yoga-Ta Get This Blue).
Purple is a universal color, and looks great on everyone. Brian is wearing a lilac button down which accentuates his olive skin tone, and dark brown hair. He too has worn this shirt before, and an easy way for guys to change up their look is to choose a different tie, which Brian has done here!
4. Sweet & Southern Elegance
What I love about Megan's look is it is perfectly paired from head to toe. She is wearing a soft, pale yellow, eyelet, tiered dress, added a belt to cinch her middle from Anthropology, which matched her strappy heels, and wore her hair in soft curls. This look is super sweet, feminine, and fun. What is great about Dylan's look is his suit is one which will match any ladies' ensemble. His shade of cobalt blue button down is one that will match a plethora of dresses, and pairs well with Megan's dress. Here we have a couple who matches without looking like they tried too hard to match. Well done!

 5. City Chic Elegance
Watch out for this power couple! I was in love with Rob's use of a pop of color! Ladies, am I right? It was a perfect shade for the summertime. A tie clip, and pinstripes also helps this look reach dapper status. Jamie too looks divine, and is on trend with her ankle strap stilettos, and a-symmetrical one shoulder strap dress. What is great about both of these looks is they would be perfect for any wedding.
I hope you found this What To Wear helpful, and insightful. Have any pictures of what you wore to a wedding? Help our fellow readers, and e-mail us your looks!
Stay Lovely,
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies

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