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Ethosn't Matter

Am I in Satorini? No? Just Checking.

You had me at hello…

That is if your hello was a warm bread basket, peppered with fresh herbs, and brushed just the way we like it with a heavenly stroke of olive oil (dramatic pause) then, that bread basket decided to make it a two-way with some homemade hummus…

And this was just the foreplay.

Visit Greece by way of Midtown East…

Ethos Gallery on 51st, a Greek restaurant which pays special attention to creating the freshest Mediterranean menu, does just about everything right- if you’re into that sort of thing. From the moment you sit down under their whitewashed wood beams, and high ceilings, and onto your choice of a beach couch or booth you’ll be asking the nearest waiter if you just sat down in an estiat√≥rio (restaurant), on a cliff, overlooking the Aegean sea, in Santorini. 

Yes, they’re that good.

They’re just so full of compliments…

Not only are the ingredients fresh, colorful, and the wine list extensive, but also at the end of every meal a dessert plate is placed in the center of your table to share. And it’s complimentary! There is the sokalata, the baklava, and the galaktosuriko. Even if you can’t pronounce them, you’ll salivate at the sight of them.

Ambiance? Check.

Delicious Dishes? Check.

Free stuff? Check.

905 1st Ave  
New York, NY 10022
(212) 888-4060

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