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This weather! In September we were looking cute in our minimally chic white dresses, and enjoying yoga on the Great Lawn in Central Park under a hot sun. October 1st hits and it's back to sweater weather and trench coats. Now, into November, we have days nearing 75 degrees! Don't get us wrong we love a good over-sized sweater over leather leggings paired with our favorite biker boots as much as the next girl, but what we're not a fan of is this back and forth weather, or when it's cold...and wet. But, then again, who is? 

So, this mercurial weather coming our way has got us thinking of all kinds of escapes. And, the restless and wanderlust filled part of our brains are already dreaming of tropical island getaways. So, if you too are looking for a way to escape and need more than just the change in weather to persuade you, then here are our 7 reasons to make your escape an escape to the island of Grenada: 

1. Restaurants With A View
With the sound of the ocean to accompany your meal, and the feel of staying at your best friend's beach house, it's no wonder The Beach House Restaurant is rated as one of THE best restaurants on the island. 

For more information click: HERE

2. Personal Pies & Live Music
The fact that you can order one or more of these personal specialty pies at Prickly Bay Marina and devour them while you listen to this music is basically everything.

For more information click: HERE

 3. The 360 Degree View
Spin around, do your head-stand yoga move, it doesn't matter. This is your constant view. And, you have at least 80 degree weather all year long to enjoy it. We call this a win-win. 

4. Delectable Dishes:
I know, I know. We just talked about pizza. But, over here at D&R, we love food, so we like to give our readers plenty of options when it comes to dining. Let's say you feel like being a little bit more health conscience, let's say you're not interested in having that pizza belly on the beach while in your bikini, let's say you want something small and shareable. If this sounds perfect for you, then you must visit The Beach Club At Calabash mid-day and enjoy their small plates from 12 PM to 3 PM. Here are a couple of our favorite healthful dishes below: 

 Oh, and let's not forget to top it all off with a fresh squeezed lime juice margarita! (pictured above)

To see a menu click: HERE

5. Places To Rest Your Head Fit For Royalty
The Grenadians do a multitude of things right, but we really have to applaud them for their well placed daybeds. 

Need I say more?

6.  The Random Events:
The Grenadians know how to host a party! Take a look at these images taken by @goprovet

Dinghy concert in Calivigny Bay (below). 

Splash J'ouvert event on Magazine beach (below).

7. The Grade-A Resorts:
As someone who has visited Grenada more than once, and had a family member live there for three years I've seen my fair share of resorts. Here are some of my favorites:

Calabash for more information click: HERE

Were these seven reasons enough to convince you that Grenada should be your next island getaway? We're convinced, but then again, we didn't need that much convincing to begin with; Grenada had us at the mention of pizza on the beach.

What can we say? We love the simple pleasures!

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Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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