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Here just in time to help you create your perfect weekend outfit our first ‘Yay Or Nay’ post!

Let’s break this down: We’ve asked 10 real guys their take on the latest fashion trends. After viewing photos of the latest trends, the guys either give it a Yay (they dig it) or Nay (they don’t) and explain why in about one sentence. Because, let’s face it, sometimes we’re into attracting the eye of that cute guy across the room and sometimes we wished we knew what he was thinking.

Other times we could care less.

So, either take it as valued information, an education, or proof that sometimes guys know nothing about fashion. 

Today’s Trend: Mules

Brian: Nay- They look like duct tape, and They look like something a horse from the Matrix would wear.

Ryan: Nay- Reminds me of tv censor bars. If you have sexy feet, flaunt them. Although if your feet are brick-kickers, it hides them nicely.

Mike S.: Nay- They remind me of Spice Girls.

Darryl: Nay- Looks a little blocky and uncomfortable. Maybe a different color and dressed up-not for every day walkers.

Joe: Nay- I feel like they’re close to being cool, but I have to say nay on this one. They remind me of ugly platform shoes and don’t flatter the feet or ankles. Blue ones are better, but the black ones look like they just wrapped electrical tape around her feet.

Felix: Nay- The black shoes look gross, some are better than others, but still nay.
Sam: Nay- They just look ridiculous.

Daniel: Nay- Makes the feet seem more boxy and less feminine. Also, a little overstated in the wrong way.

Dylan: Nay- They don't look comfortable enough or fancy enough. You need one of the two at least.

Mike L: Nay- They look like they're made out of construction paper and like they're missing the top of the shoe.

The poll is in, and girls this one is a doozy. 10/10 guys find the Mule shoe not attractive.  Agree to disagree, or agree completely with our panel? What do you think about this year's latest trend? Tell us in the comments below! 

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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