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Here just in time to help you create your perfect weekend outfit our ‘Yay Or Nay’ post!

Let’s break this down: We’ve asked 11 real guys their take on the latest fashion trends. After having viewed photos of the latest trends, the panel will either give it a Yay (they dig it) or Nay(they don’t) and explain why in about one sentence. Because, let’s face it, sometimes we’re into attracting the eye of that cute guy across the room and wished we knew what he was thinking.

Other times we could care less.

So, either take it as valued information, an education, or proof that sometimes guys know nothing about fashion.

Today’s Trend: Colored Hair

Brian: Yay- “Like a mermaid, but with legs.” 

Ryan: Yay- “I like a chick who goes to extra lengths to uniquely primp themselves. You gotta maintain it though-if you let it fade too much you’ll look like a trailer park mermaid. 

Joe: Yay- "Totally into it, because you know you’re hot when you can pull off blue hair. Hipster guys are starting to do it to their beards too.” 

Mike S.: Nay- “I’d be embarrassed to bring home a blue haired lady to my Mom.”

Darryl: Yay- “I’m into it. But if it’s only partial. I think it looks better on girls with dark hair to blue, than from blond hair to blue.” 

Evan: Nay- “No Bueno. It looks too clownish.”

Felix & Sam: Yay- “Yay as long as it’s not all blue; the fade is nice.”

Daniel: Yay- “Really depends on the girl’s complexion, eye color, hair color and use of blue. The blonde and blue don’t seem to mix.”

Dylan: Nay- “Not my bag, but if you want to give it a whirl go nuts.”

Mike L: Nay- “Reminds me of something someone addicted to some substance would do. But, Katy Perry is bad as hell, so she looks good with it.”

The poll is in and 7/11 guys dig blue hair. Agree to disagree, or agree completely with our panel?  We want to hear your take either way! Sound off in the comments below and let our guys of summer know what that got right and what they got wrong.

Stay Lovely,


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Dusk & Rubies Blog 

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