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Where To Stay: Sweetwater Farm Bed & Breakfast

“This place looks somewhat decent,” and “We won’t be in the room that much” are two phrases I hear uttered by friends far too much when their booking a place to stay. Now we have nothing against hotels, some of our favorites are right here in NYC, but if you’re itching to explore and want to stray away from the same-old-same-old then give your travel time a real face-lift  and choose to stay in a bed & breakfast. We recently stayed at the Sweetwater Farm Bed & Breakfast, so take a look and see what you’re missing. We have compiled a list of our top 7 reasons as to why you need to B&B and why you need to B&B soon! 

Reason 1 The Homemade Breakfasts: This is something that unless you're staying at The Plaza, or a hotel of that caliber, is not offered- at least not like this! Every morning when Brian and I headed downstairs we were greeted by the B&B staff. We sat down in their charming breakfast seating area, which overlooked horses, fields and the Grace Winery. Is their a more beautiful way to start your morning when you have acres of nature to soak in, coffee to drink, and handmade cinnamon nutmeg pancakes drizzled in fresh syrup placed in front of you? We don't think so, unless you ordered the kale and Swiss omelet with fresh mango and raspberries, which we strongly recommend!

Reason 2 Wine Tasting At Grace Winery: When looking into a B&B you should see what they offer, because chances are they offer more than you could imagine right on the premises. Sweetwater Farm offers wine tasting at their Grace Winery, which is mere steps from any room. Brian and I love to taste different types of wine so this was a treat. And to make it even easier, you can charge your bottles to the room! Not only does Sweetwater B&B have a winery, but they also offer a fitness center, yoga in the vineyards and hiking on their vineyard trails. If you're not into all that moving around, then no worries!  Their outdoor pool is perfect for lounging. They also have a place to play horseshoes, boccie, corn hole, and if you're feeling rather competitive you can hit a few balls on their golf chipping range. After spending the day trying to fit everything on campus into your schedule you may want to relax in the hot tub and watch the sun set over a glass of, yes please!

Reason 3 The Comforts Of Home: When my boyfriend was snoring I decided I was going to fire up my laptop and get some much needed work done, but low and behold he turns over and asks me if I can go downstairs. Me, when I was up because of his snoring. Well, without making a fuss, I crept out of our room and walked downstairs, past the parlor and into the library that faces the back of the house. I found an outlet and plugged in my laptop. Then, I went to the kitchen and asked the staff if I could make myself a cup of coffee. I could! How wonderful is it to stay in a place where there is coffee whenever you need it and whenever you want it?

Reason 4 The Great Outdoors: 
If you’re the country mouse living in the big city and you’re craving wide open space, then a bed and breakfast is the perfect solution. The fact that B&B's are usually private, only able to accommodate a certain amount of people, and on a large piece of property will have you forgetting your city woes and embracing your natural roots. 

Reason 5 The Local Scene: What is kitschy and awesome about staying in a B&B is that you can become immersed in their culture, and their local scene. B&B's usually have a list of all the hot spots in the areas that only the locals know about. We would never have known about Longwood Gardens, or the McKenzie Brew House  if it wasn't suggested to us by the Sweetwater staff! 

Longwood Gardens is amazing. I call it the Smithsonian of plants because the things that grow in there are wild! The rooms are amazing, and we spent 3 hours in one of the arboretums and didn't even see it all! 
This area was getting ready for a live Orchestra playing that night. The ground is usually covered in 3" of water for humidity purposes but can drain in 5 minutes to set up for an event. 5 minutes! 
There were plenty of fountains, and gorgeous water spectacles to be seen. This was one of my favorites!

Here is the man who started it all. Well, not the man, more like his house. Pierre Dupont's estate is on the premises and you can take a tour.  

Reason 6 Personal Service And Expert Tips: If anything goes wrong at a hotel, and you demand to speak to the manager chances are you are speaking to someone very low on the totem pole. But at a Bed & Breakfast you can meet the inn keeper and the owner of the entire property! Speaking of personal service, we met Christopher Le Vine who spoke with us over our delicious breakfast one morning. He was kind enough to let us take his picture so we could introduce you!

Reason 7 A Girlfriend's Getaway Or A Bro Weekend:
Most B&Bs offer only a few rooms, making them perfect for you and your girlfriends to take some much needed girl time together. Think about that time when Carrie’s friends went on her honeymoon with her! Okay, it is sort of like that, but way more fun. And guys, by arranging to book every room you’ll have the perfect bro-home-away-from-home. Plus, the added bonus of having breakfast made for you. Oh and Brogan the best of all of man’s best friends.

Have we convinced you yet? If you're interested in booking a room or checking out Sweetwater Farm visit their website: HERE

We know you'll enjoy it as much as we did! Know another bed and breakfast to suggest? Or want to know more about our stay? Comments and questions are welcomed in the comment box below!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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