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Happy International Women's Day!

Okay, so International Women's Day was March 8th, but Dusk & Rubies thinks that everyday we should celebrate the women in our lives, and importantly ourselves! So, if you haven't already, tell a special lady in your life that you appreciate her; that you're proud of her; and that you're supporting her 100%. We all need this little boost of confidence, and these types of compliments go a lot further than the ones that compliment our shoes...but if you like them, feel free to compliment them too!

How did we celebrate the day? We were invited to Ann Taylor's Flagship store to celebrate their Responsibly ANN initiative! There was a lot to celebrate. To kick off the celebration their was a discussion panel organized by Glamour Magazine which included Barbara Bush, CEO and co-founder of Global Health Corps, Petra Nemcova Founder and Chair of Happy Hearts Fund and moderator Genevieve Roth Glamour’s Special Projects Director.

I have been wearing the Ann Taylor gift everyday to remind myself to feel as empowered as I did on Saturday, and to remember to empower other women!

I wore my new tights from Silkies that I got in my swag bag from Main Line Fashion Week! They were so cute, and I got so many compliments on both my tights and bag from Michael Kors. It was the perfect bag to tote around my iPad. 

Taking a train selfie, because I have mastered the art of putting on eye-liner in a moving train while holding my coffee! Don't try this unless you have a super steady hand! 

It was such a nice day last Saturday, so I wore my favorite Betsy Johnson sunnies!

I wore my BCBG necklace, Michael Kors electronics crossbody, Express 3-tier skirt (old), Banana Republic crop jacket, and Forever 21 black 3/4 sleeve stretch turtle neck. 

I learned a lot from the lovely ladies that were on the panel. Here is the short version:

1. Wake up and step out into the world with gratitude.
2. Have pure intentions.
3. Celebrate the wonderful things you have achieved big and small.
4.  DON'T beat yourself up for things.
5. Make movements to change what you don't like, but focus on everything you do have.
6. Take a moment, every day, and celebrate yourself, others, sisters, mothers, and friends.
7. Remember every day is a small step on a big journey. 

If you're interested in reading about my interview with both Barbara Bush and Petra Nemcova visit Guest of a Guest: Here!

How did you celebrate International Women's Day?  We would love to hear about it! Let us know in the comment sections below.

Stay lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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