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The 5 Minute Mani

I tell you lovelies all the time how I feel like there is not enough hours in the day. And as I become older, I think time just passes by even faster! I honestly wonder if I really have more to do, or my time management skills are just not what they used to be. Whether it's because I seriously have more on my plate, or because my time management skills have escaped me I have, in the mean time, learned some amazing time saving tricks. Remember when I shared how to do your makeup in 5 minutes? Or, our how-to on looking pulled together when you're really not? Well here is another way I have learned to beat the clock, and this time it's a quickie for your digits!

My nails, I hate to say it, have definitely taken a back seat to just about everything else in my life. I know, so not cool! I feel like I never have the time to get a Mani anymore and it is such a bummer! I envy my friends who are smart and pencil in the time. I could pencil all I want, and as of lately, it ain't happening.! Check these babies out. Some fine looking fingers, am I right? 

And all they took was 5 minutes, honestly, I think it was 3 but I knew if I claimed that it was a 3 minute Mani you wouldn't believe me. After the so called "5 minutes" (or less) I was off doing everything else I had to get done. 

Ready for the three simple steps? 

1. Paint your fingers with Wet n Wild megalast in "Sugar Coat" the large brush makes it a one swipe deal that will coat your entire nail!

2. After painting every nail, go back to the first nail and glitter it up with Sephora by OPI in "Mauve-ie Star in the Making".

3. And for our final trick, use Sally Hansen Insta Dry "Clearly Quick" to seal in all that trendy goodness. 

Oh, and we won't lie we drove afterwards and since it was a nice day out we let our fingers get air dried! 

Here is another peak at these cutie-petuties: 

Have another time saving beauty trick? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

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