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For Him, For Her, The Clever Mr. Jones Watches
The Accurate
Girls: So you have your rose gold Michael Kors for when your out with the girlfriends, your leather banded Fendi to impress your boss, your classic Daniel Wellington to ensure your parents that you're all responsible and then you have the Nike fit band for when you're getting your sweat on.

Guys: You have your no fuss minimalist M&C0, your over-sized Invicta watch to impress your guy friends, your girlfriend, anyone really. You know what they say don't you? The bigger the watch face the bigger the, well, the watch face. Then, you have your Nike fit band for when you're lifting and getting your gym on.

So, what's missing from your watch collection? A talking piece, some ironic wrist candy, something to take your watch game to the next level. We're talking Mr. Jones Watches. For more photos take a look!

1. The Average Day: There is nothing average about this watch. Quirky, fun, and an easy way to schedule your day.

2. The Hour: Every hour on the hour you'll have a different word to influence the way you spend your time.
3. Wants vs. Needs: Isn't this the typical war going on in all of our brains? No, just me?

4.  Sun & Moon: If you're the type who works strange hours and don't know when to wake up or go to sleep then this is the pretty watch for you.

5. Tour de Monde: Tour the world? Yes please. By hot air balloon or cruise ship?

6. Time Traveller: One of my favorite watches tell time by prominent landmarks and look ultra chic.

7. Love Knows Not: Super Romantic? Where your heart on your...wrist.

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