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Makeup Mondays: The Perfect Winged Liner (Easy Looks For The Busy Girl!)

One of my favorite eye looks for summer is the simple yet stylish winged eye liner. Winged eye liner when it starts thinner on the inside of the eye and thicker on the outside of the eye forms the "cat-eye" shape which gives the illusion of a lifted eye. (It's also great for hiding those smile lines around your eye!) What are the positives of this youthful look? It's not make-up heavy, draws just the right amount of attention to your eyes and depending on the thickness can look either edgy or elegant. The negatives? This look takes a steady hand and practice with either a liquid or gel liner. So, what's a girl to do when she is always busy and doesn't have the time to sit for 20 minutes in front of a mirror? We tried a few tricks and have come up with a list of ways you can draw on your perfect set of wings!

1. The tape trick: using a 1/2 to 1 inch of scotch tape. Cut scotch tape down middle, place at corner of eye on an angle that follows your bottoms lid out. Using a liquid liner trace next to tape then pull tape off for straight line.

2. The gel liner and brush: It is much easier to pull a gel liner across your lid. If you make a mistake the line is more forgiving and you can easily play with it. And, by using a thin, stiff, slightly angled brush like the Soft Focus Liner Brush by Bare Escentuals you can easily follow the natural curve of your eye. If your still confused the following video is extremely helpful!

3. The Cheat Tool: "marker" pen from sephora: so easy to use its like writing your name. This tool feels like a pen and acts like a sharpie marker pen. Your line will always be straight and you have complete control.

4. 'Wing it":  Once you know how to create the perfect wing or where you have to draw it on it becomes easier. The rule of thumb always extend the angle formed by your lower lid out and never go past your eyebrows. For easy cleanups try Precision Tip Q-Tips you can buy them at target. 

Have a makeup tip or trick? Send them to and yours may be featured on the site next Monday! Have you perfected the wing? Show us on twitter or instagram @duskandrubies by using the #drwingedit or #drmakeupmondays. Best wings will be featured on our website!

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