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5 Ways To Organize & Add Style To Your Bedroom

Your bedroom. It should be your oasis, your little piece of paradise after a long day at work, and it should be a reflection of who you are. Well for the last week my room as been in disarray! You know the usual: pile of clothes on my director's chair, jewelry boxes overflowing and unorganized, craft center a mess, and laundry to do.  My inspiration for this post came from my decision to not only do some much needed tidying up, but a little redecorating as well!
If you know me un petit peu you may remember I worked at Pier 1, and if you know me really well then you know that I am always redecorating my room (I have been since elementary school). Cleaning has always been a way to decompress...I was, and continue to be a weird child. Anyways the few people who know me very well love hanging out in my bedroom because every time they do it is completely different.
I do not mean I just bought a new sconce and hung it on the wall, or re-organized my bookshelf lovelies. I mean I hang mirrors, take down mirrors, hang art, take down art, move heavy furniture across the room and back, until I am happy with the way the lighting hits everything. That kind of redecorating. I build things, and I break things down. I'm using power tools; I'm sweating, and I am installing my own handmade ikea inspired closet organizer. It is dangerous, and time-consuming, but completely worth it...until I want to change it again.
Today my objective was to create a foyer type entrance for my bedroom. I wanted  the entrance into my room to be neat, all clean lines, with nods to cultural pursuits, and give off that wow-effect . This is also the first way you can add style and/or organize your bedroom. Check out my "foyer" to my bedroom below. Tell me what you think in the comments below, and I hope you find these 5 Ways To Organize & Add Style To Your Bedroom helpful!
1. Don't be afraid to mix your Modern with your Ming!

2. Do invest in some fun light fixtures that play with texture.


3. If you can't see the clutter, then it's not really there, right?

4. Don't be afraid to turn your room into a gallery! A large piece of artwork, placed correctly, can draw the eye up and make your space look larger. 

5. Design Basics 101: Use the rule of 3. While working at Pier 1 I learned about creating displays, and how information and objects that appear in threes are more appealing, memorable, and effective than other numbers of objects. By grouping objects in sets of three you build progression, and drama with spacing. Also the middle of the group of three then becomes the focal point.

Tell us how you incorporated these five easy ways to add style to your bedroom, or send us some pictures via twitter, facebook, or e-mail!

Stay Lovely, and start re-decorating.


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies

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