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Foodie Reviews: The Wall's Wharf

I am a huge foodie, and I put myself in the line of fire for that pairing of adjective and noun. All jokes aside it is absolutely true. There's nothing better to me, than the exciting anticipation I feel in the car ride to a new restaurant. I'm an optimist so I am always hoping that my pallet is going to EXPLODE with flavor. One date night, after a day spent at the Oyster Bay Arboretum, we found ourselves driving around Bayville looking for the Wall's Wharf. It was a restaurant, recommended for us to try by a friend, so we decided to try it. My review of the Wall's Wharf is based on the following criteria:

Cleanliness and Appearance of Restaurant.... #/5
Service and Promptness of Staff.... #/5
Price.... #/5
Portion Size.... #/5
Taste.... #/5
Plating and Visual Appeal.... #/5
Perfect Score 30/30
Here we go....

Cleanliness and Appearance of Restaurant: 4/5
This was a category that this restaurant scored extremely high on. The restaurant had a beautiful dining room with views of the breathtaking oyster bay, as well as a nautical themed wood embellished bar that overlooked the outside dining deck. We sat outside on the deck that was, if you took the few steps down right on the beach. I felt as if I was at a beach club, like the one's we've seen on Saved by the Bell or 90210. I will post pictures below of the wonderful view.

Service and Promptness of Staff: 2/5
As a former server, bus girl, as well as caterer it pains me to say anything negative about staff and service because being a server is far from a glamorous job, sometimes you have to deal with people who are just, well, miserable. There are very limited ways of making those types of people happy, but my boyfriend and I we are extremely good natured and just happy to be out doing something new. So it's unfortunate to have to report that our waitress was not attentive to our drinks, she took a long time to bring refills (my boyfriend went without a drink for our entire dinner). Water and bread basket should be placed on a table as soon as possible, and we did have to wait for at least ten minutes before anyone came up to us. Making us feel as if the staff weren't sure of their section or who was taking on our table. There was plenty of staff standing around, and not that many diners so it was frustrating. There was also a problem with my appetizer, and it our waitress didn't come back over to us until she was serving our dinner.

Price: 3/5
Appetizer's price was great. The price for the amount of food and quality was on par, but the dinner's quality and quantity didn't warrant the price.

I ordered: Appetizer-Clams Oreganata Seasoned Breadcrumbs, Garlic, Oregano, Parmesan $10, Dinner- Caesar Salad $8 Romaine Hearts, Caesar Dressing, Herb Croutons, Asiago Cheese Add To Any Salad: Chicken $6

He ordered: Appetizer-Quesadilla Chicken, Onion, Peppers, Jack Cheese $15 Dinner-Five Cheese Ravioli $21 Classic Pomodoro, Basil Leaf, Melted Mozzarella, (Parmesan, Asiago, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Provolone)

Dinner portions were small, five ravioli which is standard, but they weren't of high quality. The grilled chicken was not a high quality cut.

Great restaurant for drinks and appetizers, I actually suggest to order appetizer's for dinner. Pictures Below.

Portion Size: 3/5

Appetizer: too large of a portion for an appetizer

Dinner: accurate size, but overpriced.

Taste: 3/5

This is a place to order fish, everything else we tried fell short. We decided to go somewhere else for dessert, and that's never a good sign.

Plating and Visual Appeal: 3/5

We didn't go to the restaurant thinking it was going to be a five star experience, but the plating of the appetizers was professional and well planned, once again the entrees lacked in creativity, taste, as well as presentation.

Short notes: Great place for beautiful views, and drinks and appetizer's for groups. Rating of 18/30.

Click here to be directed to the Walls Wharf Website

Stay Lovely,


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies

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