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Summer Book Club Series: The Scent of Rain

I really enjoyed the plot and the clever idea behind this novel! I had never read a novel where the main character was called a "nose". A nose is someone who has the ability to smell a scent and break it down into all of its components. The beautiful, up-front, and fantastically witty Daphne Sweeten is a woman with immense taste, and a special talent. She is a nose, and works in fragrance in Paris, France. Well, she did until she gave up her perfect occupation for the perfect man. Howwww sweet right? Wrong, Daphne soon finds out that the groom whom she left said perfect job for, then leaves  her stranded, alone, at her own wedding. His side of the family didn't even bother to show up!

You know what's worse? Yes, it gets worse! Her top notch ability, the one she went to a prestigious school for, and studied beneath one of the most famous noses in the entire world, no longer works. That is right ladies and gentleman Daphne loses her job (by her own doing), loses her man (she couldn't help that), and now she loses her sense of smell!

All of this wouldn't be too terrible (Although it most definitely would be), except for she already took another job as a professional nose for another company in...Dayton, Ohio. We can agree Ohio is not Paris. Can we also agree it would be hard to create scents without her sense of smell? We sure can!

See how Daphne overcomes her battles with flair, fun, and a few new friends...Jesse Lightner. This novel reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada except in the world of fragrance!

Scale 1-10: I give this novel a 7. I would recommend this to a friend, although I felt the ending was a little abrupt. I wanted more!

About The Author: Christy Award Finalist and two-time winner of the ACFW Book of the Year award, Kristin Billerbeck has appeared on The Today Show and has been featured in the New York Times. Other books by this author are: A Billion Reasons Why, and What A Girl Wants.

Here is what others had to say:

“Witty and upbeat” —Library Journal

Enjoy this light and easy read, and as always...

Stay Lovely,


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Dusk & Rubies

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