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Want To Give Back This Father's Day? We'll Show You How!

We can all agree that giving is good right? Right! Well, Dusk & Rubies has been giving back and donating its time to non-profits, conservation funds, and start-up companies and projects that either inspire others, or aid others in finding success. We strongly believe that by doing your part you are not only helping others, but you are also paving the road for your own successful life. You get what you give!

Late last month my sister and I attended The Pencils Of Promise White Party which was a huge success. We were excited to not only donate, but also give our time. I also helped to spread the word about the P.O.P non-profit through the Dusk & Rubies blog, twitter account, and facebook page.

Dusk & Rubies was able to spread the word to over 1,000 people. So thank you to all of our viewers on all of our social media platforms. It is people like you, who take the time to give your time, which will help make our world a continuously better place.

Speaking of making the world a better place, I have been recently e-mailed about another opportunity to give. Of course I jumped at the chance, and I hope you do too! A friend of mine, Danielle Harley, had contacted me about the non-profit organization she is a part of called The Adventure Project.

The Adventure Project, as described by Danielle and the non-profit's website, is a new organization that aids those in developing countries by creating jobs. Becky Straw, and Jody Landers are the co-founders of this operation. Their vision? Is a world where poverty no longer exists, because they are "reinventing how we give". Think of it as a pay it forward type of program. If you visit their website, and we hope you do, then you can give back in four different ways. Your donation can go into creating jobs within the fields of: environment, health, hunger, and water maintenance for local wells. Their end goal is to make poverty extinct and their way of meeting that goal is to help create jobs, which will then help turn revenue, and profit in places that need an economic stimuli. Amazingly this non-profit has already created,"500 jobs benefiting 914,000 people".

How can you help? Well there is this new promotion going on right now! And I am super excited to bring it to you all. Geek Eyewear® ( has recently donated a new, limited-edition style of sunglasses to The Adventure Project. 100% of the sale supports the organization, and Danielle and I agree that they would make a great gift for Dad this father's day.

Here is the link to purchase these super trendy sunglasses: Purchase Sunglasses Here And if you really like them for yourself, then Great! They are considered unisex.

If you want to donate to the non-profit as well here is the direct link: The Adventure Project Give
Picture Courtesy of The Adventure Project
Picture Courtesy of The Adventure Project
Picture Courtesy of The Adventure Project

Stay Lovely...

and, Give Back!


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies

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