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Day Date Ideas: Riverhead Aquarium

Looking for a fun day date idea with your significant other? Well, because of my inability to sit still during the day I am always looking for places to visit that is out of my normal element. This week I was headed to the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead.
My favorite things to see? The octopus that wanted to give my a high-five, the three finger sloth, the bat caves, and the replica of the wetlands that you can walk through all along an actual picturesque canal.
Oh, and ladies I know you want to take a few photos with your beau, and fellas I know some of you can't stand having to pose for photo after photo, so compromise. The entire place is camera worthy, you can take a few photos and they will all come out gorgeous! Take a look for yourself below:
See what I mean about picturesque views?

How cute is a fish who is camera shy?

This is the front of the aquarium that you will see when you park across the street.

High-5...or should I say 6,7,8?

America's Next Top Model
Oh, and don't forget to sit for the Sea Lion show...I am always a sucker for a good sea lion show. Check out their website in the link above for ticket, and other visitor information!

Stay Lovely,


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