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Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

I can never make just one New Year's resolution, and I think that is a good thing. Why not reach for as many goals as one can muster in one year? Plus, I don't want to put all of my time and energy into losing weight- that would just drive me crazy. Instead, I always make a few resolutions for different areas of my life like, relationships, health & fitness, aspirations, family, spirituality, career, and self. This way as each year passes I am moving forward in as many ways as possible. I also don't beat myself up if I don't reach my goal in one year. Some goals take more time! 

For my health & fitness resolution, I wanted to lose weight the healthy way. I wanted to lose weight, gain muscle, go to the gym more, and maintain healthful eating habits. Although I started losing weight in February and not December 31st at 12 am, I am continuing my journey of healthy weight loss going into 2014. This year I am 13 lbs lighter than I was last year. I consider this a complete win, and am enjoying taking my time as I lose weight and move towards my goal!

Here are some tips to help you keep your resolutions this year:

1. Celebrate your efforts towards your goals even if you haven't met, or completed them yet. It is the steps we take in the right direction that count. 

2. Don't measure your progress strictly by "how much". Meaning, don't measure by how much money you saved, or how many pounds you lost, but by all the changes you have endured and the growth you see in yourself as you have steadily worked towards your goals.    

3. Remember, some goals take more than one year to complete! Think about the goal you are setting. Is it a two-year goal? Three year? Four year? Setting appropriate goals means understanding what you can actually achieve in a certain time frame. Reaching our goals is supposed to be fun and gratifying, not stressful and overwhelming. 

4. Keep yourself motivated throughout the year. With weight loss, I find it works best to give myself short goal incentives. At the end of every month I would celebrate with something special like a new dress, a small stay-cation, or a new book. 

5. Make more than 1 resolution! Instead of focusing on the resolution you didn't meet, what about all the ones you did, or are in progress? Having more than one resolution gives you more than one opportunity to make it stick. 

Want to know how to make these completely motivational weight loss trackers? It's simple...


Step 1: Find or buy 2 glass jars (Mine are candle holders from the Dollar Tree)

Step 2: Hot glue one of your glass jars/ candle holders onto a glass candlestick holder (also from the Dollar Tree) 

Step 3: Use scrap booking letters to label your two glass jars. For an even easier DIY use stickers to label "pounds lost" and "pounds to go". Further decorate your glass containers however you please! 

Step 4: Find or buy marbles, buttons, glass gem filler, or anything else you can get your hands on to use as counters. Pebbles from the beach will work as well, and they're free...and Voila! 

Step 5: With every pound you lose, you will be able to move a stone from your "pounds to go" pile into your "pounds lost" pile. It is a very rewarding feeling! 

You can use this DIY to track anything! It could be miles you ran during the week, money you saved, or even each resolution you plan to reach this year. Find what inspires you to be better this year, and start moving towards it.

What are you planning to make your New Year's Resolution this year? Share with us through e-mail, facebook, instagram, or in the comment section below!

Like always stay lovely, 


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies Blog

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