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TKO Watches At Henri Bendel

While walking through NYC, the possibility of bumping into someone interesting is extremely likely! You can never fully expect who you could meet (Like that one time Bruce Willis gave me directions, and my sister became so excited her flailing arms hit me hard, square in the chest and almost re-started my heart).  Yeah, a girl needs to be prepared! I've learned to bring my Canon everywhere I go, because you never know when inspiration will strike.

Well a few days ago, while perusing Bendels I noticed a funky watch. I immediately called my sister over, and as we admired a rubber skeleton watch for its perfect color (Mint Milano), and its expert price point (only $125!), graphic designer and co-designer of TKO watches came up and introduced himself! 
Get Their Milano (Rubber) Skeleton Watch  Here In:
for other colors visit their website: here

TKO stands for The Knock Out which is a watch brand notable for its daring designs. We are not talking about the Justin Timberlake song which is A-MA-ZING by the way, but rather these fun and fashionable watches!


Kevin told us a lot about his brand. The watch we admired was featured in Elle magazine! That was not the first time TKO had been noticed by the press. TKO was chosen by Oprah and featured in her Favorite Things- that's big time! Remember how I said daring desings? Well TKO uses slap band technology for some of their watches. Remember slap-bracelets? Well, what is also amazing about TKO is they have an entire line of slap-band watches, which has taken the 90s slap-band technology and made it super posh through their expert craftsmanship, designs, and use of luxury materials.

What we love about these watches are their vibrant colors, and their construction. I loved how these watches were made out of rubber, and light in weight, making them perfect for warmer weather, vacations, beachwear, and running around (whether at the gym or around the town) 

Kevin graphic designer, and co-designer of TKO watches, 2013

Kevin also gave us the insiders scoop to what will be trending this Spring, 2014, in accessories! If you think the patent leather trend is going to go away just because the weather will be warming up, then I have to tell you that you are mistaken! Patent leather is here to stay, and you will see it in all accessories including TKO's watch sets at Henri Bendel. They come with bands in amazing colors. 

Trend Preview: Accessories 2014 Patent Leather

So, where will you wear your TKO watch? And, what do you think about patent leather yay, or nay? Sound off in the comment section below. Personally I love patent leather I think it always looks great, adds an instant glint to any outfit, and it wears well!

Stay Lovely, 


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