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New Projects: Fashion Bloggers' Meeting At The New York Times

Writers at NY Times Meeting
It was last February, when I started my blog Dusk & Rubies as a way to add a voice behind my brand Dusk & Rubies Jewelry Company. In those first early months, I could never have imagined all the wonderful things I would gain to experience from starting this small but eager blog. Not only am I constantly in awe by the readers who are supporting, reading, and sharing our content (#teamlovely), but I am also in awe by the amazing opportunities, and people it has brought into my life. One of these amazing opportunities includes my invitation, from Bello Consulting, to attend a Fashion Bloggers' meeting last Thursday. It was held at the...wait for it...New York Times building in NYC.

As a writer, I know that trying to explain the feeling of walking into Time would be comparable to the sputtering of a small child trying to recount the magic, and sense of endless opportunity of visiting Disney World. Just imagine a cherubic child with twinkling eyes, and cheeks turned rosy from trying to say everything before taking a huge gulp of air...That was, is, and always will be what my excited face looks like.

Although I can't say what the meeting was about exactly (it is under wraps!), I can tell you that I am extremely excited about continuing on this path to support women, small businesses, and to pass on my positivity to anyone who may want or need a little more positive vibes in their life.

I think there is a lot to be said about how special a person is when they have the ability to bring others up, rather than put them down. It is so often, in our culture, that women are in competition with one another, rather than standing together proud of each other and their accomplishments. The sentiment of standing together, to support one another, was so strong during our meeting that everyone who was invited felt as if they could take on the world. I was completely inspired by each person and their story. It was so nice to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and women who find importance and purpose in supporting others...oh, and look stylish while doing it of course.

Here are some more photos that I snapped while inside the Time Building.


Stay Lovely,
And remember:
Even small steps create paths which help to create new opportunities!
Editor and Curator of
Dusk & Rubies

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