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City Living: Snow, Snow & More Snow!

I love the snow, but traveling in it is another story. How can something so beautiful, bright and fluffy be so dangerous? Snow in the city usually means delays, but if you have the good sense to leave earlier than usual and check your train times you will arrive on time! But if you don't have the good sense, or you're usually late we have the solution for you...and it will fit in the palm of your hand. 

We love this new app called HopStop. If you're new to the city, or nervous about navigating the subway you have to check out this easy app. Don't have a smart phone? HopStop started as a website. With up to date train times, even with delays, this website is the easiest solution for the commute ahead. 

We love it because you can just screen shot the directions (because who ever has service in the subway?) and you're set to go. It is like MapQuest but for the underground tunnels of NY! 

For more information or to test it out on your own visit HERE

Stay Lovely...and be on time!


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