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What To Wear: To NYFW2014

Despite these record breaking snow storms, New York fashion week street style has not left us feeling disappointed or deprived. I still saw some well curated outfits walking the streets around Lincoln Center and throughout the city even in the below freezing temperatures.  But, to say that figuring out what I was going to wear last Sunday was easy, would be false. I don't do well in the cold, and because I had two shows to attend, one right after the other, one downtown the other uptown I had to adjust and plan accordingly. 

Outfit Breakdown:

Shoes: I was going to be talking to a lot of people and on my feet just about all day, so I needed to be comfortable. I wore a Steve Madden ankle strap slightly open toed suede wedge. They were super easy to move around in, comfortable and stylish. I would opt for a bootie or an ankle strap shoe. I saw a lot of stylish girls roaming the streets who opted for the comfier type of shoe. 

Leather Leggings: Nevermind completely on trend, they keep you so warm! These are pleather and were an epic steal from Forever 21. 

Dress: Cynthia Rowley, who you know I have a love affair with. I wanted to not be in all black, knowing that all the stylists would be. I was reporting and interviewing so I needed a splash of color, but not too much where it would put off the people I was working with. Green is one of those tones that most people feel positive towards. Another positive about this comfy and chic dress? It has pockets! 

Blazer: Instantly pulls the looks together and makes it polished and professional. This white fringe jacket is from White House Black Market. 

Fur: I wanted to add some fur, but not be too overpowering with it. This is a faux fur scarf that I wrapped around my neck to keep extra toasty!

Nails: OPI YoGA-to-get this blue. I just absolutely love this shade. It goes with everything, but it isn't boring. It always look well planned, but I swear it is my easiest styling go-to.

Jewelry: Of course I wore some Dusk & Rubies Earrings and my Michael Kors rose gold watch!

Hope you liked this look. It was stylish meets casual meets excited to be here all in one!

Stay Lovely, 


Editor and Curator of

Dusk & Rubies 

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